Youngest COVID-19 Patient: 16-Day-Old Baby Survives Coronavirus Disease

Youngest COVID-19 Patient

16-day-old baby, country’s youngest COVID-19 patient, survives deadly virus. YOUNGEST COVID-19 PATIENT – The country’s youngest coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patient survives, Baby Kobe is just a 16-day-old baby boy. Some 224,402 people have already died, globally, due to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. And the worldwide total number of confirmed cases, as of this … Read more

President Duterte To Lift Lockdown If This Happens

Coronavirus Challenges

What does it take for President Duterte to lift the lockdown? PRESIDENT DUTERTE – Philippine President Duterte to only lift the lockdown if this happens as per his latest press conference. The Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine go extended and is expected to end at the end of April. This is one safety measure to prevent … Read more

Clinical Testing For COVID-19 Therapies Begins In US

US Drugmakers Begins Clinical Testing For Illness Caused By COVID-19 CLINICAL TESTING FOR COVID-19 – As the world continues its battle against COVID-19, researchers are racing to create a cure for the disease. Some companies are already said to proceed with clinical trials for their vaccines. However, there is still no concrete cure for the … Read more

Vico Sotto: What Can He Say About His “Violation” Of Bayanihan Law?

Vico Sotto

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto on summon against him after he “violated” the Bayanihan Law. VICO SOTTO – Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto has this reaction over summon against him after he “possibly violated” the Bayanihan Law. Fearless, compassionate, and a quick thinker. These are just some of the commendable qualities of young Mayor Vico … Read more

President Duterte To “Troublemakers” Amid Crisis: ‘Shoot them dead’

President Duterte

‘Ilibing ko na kayo’: says President Duterte as he ordered soldiers and cops to shoot troublemakers. PRESIDENT DUTERTE – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ordered cops and soldiers to “shoot dead” persons who are making troubles and violations amid lockdown. On Wednesday night, after the commotion in Quezon City where the residents rallied begging for food … Read more

Emergency Subsidy Program: Per month, Per Region Breakdown

Emergency Subsidy Program

Here’s the per region and per month breakdown of the emergency subsidy program. EMERGENCY SUBSIDY PROGRAM – Here’s the breakdown of emergency subsidy program per month of a household based on the region. In a previous article, Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte assured the people that no one will get hungry in this country amid this major … Read more

Social Amelioration Fund: Beneficiaries Of P200-billion Protection Program

Emergency Subsidy Program

Here are the target beneficiaries of social amelioration fund as per President Duterte. SOCIAL AMELIORATION FUND – Department of Social Welfare and Development will provide emergency support to poor families. Last March 30, 2020, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte gave the country about an update about how the government is dealing and handling the people situation … Read more