President Duterte To Lift Lockdown If This Happens

What does it take for President Duterte to lift the lockdown?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE – Philippine President Duterte to only lift the lockdown if this happens as per his latest press conference.

The Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine go extended and is expected to end at the end of April. This is one safety measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease. And just recently, Philippine President Rodrigo just had his April 13 weekly press conference to address the nation regarding this major health crisis.

President Duterte
Photo credit: Al Jazeera

Enhanced community quarantine or some may call it as a lockdown, has several economic and society consequences and many people have been suffering. And as for the president, he is only to lift the lockdown if an antibody treatment for the disease is already available in the market.

Accordingly, there is already a vaccine and is targeted to be on the market by May. He said, “Kung nandiyan na ‘yong antibody, available na sa market dito and it is being sold in quantity, in number, then I’m inclined to at that time to maybe lift the lockdown.”

He added based on Esquire Mag’s report, “Mayroon nang medisina, antibody, ang isang giant pharmaceutical (company) pero hindi galing sa tao. Sabi by May, they would start to market it.”

However, Duterte did not disclose the pharmaceutical company he is referring to which already has the antibody. For the meantime, Philippine hospitals are encouraging who got recovered already to donate blood. This is for the infected patients as the blood of those who got treated accordingly has an antibody to hasten the recovery.

As per April 13 update, the country now has 4,932 confirmed cases, 315 death, and 242 recoveries.


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