Meet Mang Fred, Hardworking Repairman Who Was Able to Send His Children to College

Hardworking Repairman Earns Praise For Tirelessly Repairing Shoes

Meet Mang Fred, the hardworking repairman in Baras, Rizal., who was able to send his children to college.

A Facebook user, Ghe Wil Son known as Genesis Wilson Bias, shared a touching encounter with Mang Fred, who tirelessly repairs shoes and umbrellas in their neighborhood using his bicycle.

Genesis, a registered nurse and entrepreneur recalled seeing Mang Fred since he was young, witnessing his dedication to his work. Mang Fred, now 68 years old and hailing from Baras, Rizal, has been repairing umbrellas since 1985 and shoes since 1990.

Hardworking Repairman

During a conversation, Mang Fred revealed insights about life, discussing the increasing cost of basic goods and thinking about if there’s hope for the country’s future.

“Ang simple lang ng dahilan at kaligayahan ni Manong kung bakit sya nagsusumikap sa buhay. Madami kaming napag-usapan tungkol sa buhay. Kagaya ng ang mahal na ng mga bilihin lalo ang bigas at kung may pag-asa pa bang lumiwanag ang Pilipinas???” Bias said.

The hardworking repairman chooses to work diligently instead of relying on his children, despite facing hardships. Genesis encouraged friends to seek Mang Fred’s services, resulting in an outpouring of support.

Hardworking Repairman

Many netizens were moved by Mang Fred’s story and extended a helping hand to the senior citizens. The hardworking grandpa received sacks of rice and other essentials. The latter expressed gratitude to everyone who reached out.

Mang Fred revealed that despite his challenges, he managed to send two children to college, one graduated with a degree in Information Management, while the other completed a Secretarial course. His youngest is currently pursuing Psychology.

Despite his children offering financial assistance, Mang Fred continues in his labor, preferring to maintain independence. He was surprised by the generosity he received, never expecting to be in the spotlight.

“Si Mang Fred ang naging blessing ko ngayong araw upang mas makita ko ang halaga ng buhay ko noon at kung ano ang simpleng meron ako ngayon. Maraming Salamat Mang Fred! Ingat po palagi, isasama ko po kayo palagi sa aking mga dasal,” Bias added.

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