BSEd Student After Graduation “Ligtas na tayo sa chismis na mabubuntis nang maaga”

BSEd Student Expresses Thoughts About Common Societal Pressure After Graduation

A BSEd student has gone viral and earned reactions online after expressing her thoughts following graduation, saying, “Ligtas na tayo sa chismis na mabubuntis nang maaga”.

Graduating from college is an important turning point in one’s life, and it is sometimes accompanied by a mixture of excitement and concern about the future. The pressure to meet specific standards can be overpowering, causing anxiety and self-doubt.

In an age where achievements and successes are frequently emphasized on social media, graduates may feel pressured to create a picture-perfect life to match these expectations.

BSEd Student

However, it is important to realize that each person’s journey is unique, and success can be measured in a variety of ways.

Recently, a Facebook user named Maricel Antonio shared her thoughts on the common societal pressures after her college graduation. The post quickly circulated online and garnered various reactions from netizens.

The young graduate addressed the common pressure faced by graduates to meet certain expectations upon entering the workforce or pursuing further studies, including finding a stable job, earning a good income, and achieving success in their chosen fields.

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BSEd Student

“I came up with that idea kasi po it’s very common na nangyayari sa lahat, lalo na po sa mga graduates. ‘Yung expectation nandoon, kailangan i-meet,” Maricel said.

However, Antonio revealed that she chooses to remain silent and unfazed whenever she encounters such opinions from others.

Wala naman po kasi akong mapapala kapag patulan pa, sayang lang ang energy. Focus na lang sa goal,” she added.

Here is the full post:

“Dahil graduate na tayo, ligtas na tayo sa chismis na hindi makagrad. kasi mabubuntis o mag-aasawa nang maaga. Doon naman tayo sa, “graduate pero wala trabaho” “graduate ng ganitong kurso pero iba ang trabaho.”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

BSEd Student

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