Siblings Salute Janitor Parents for Giving Them Chance to Finish College

Siblings Praise Janitor Parents for Working Hard to Send Them to College

Siblings salute their janitor parents for giving them the chance to complete their college education amid poverty.

In a touching Facebook post, netizen Riel Gutierrez shared a story that encapsulates the milestone achieved by their parents as they witnessed their two children complete their college education. The post touches the hearts of the netizens.

“The Facebook post was a salute to the hard work of my parents. Ever since we were young, we have seen the blood, sweat and tears our parents put in to make sure that we have a better future…More than the accolades we have received for our academic achievements, this was more for our parents,” Riel said.


According to Riel, both of their parents worked as janitors at the university where they completed their studies. He expressed his gratitude to his parents for being selfless and tenacious.

“For my parents, we are grateful for everything, and we thank you for all your selflessness. We hope to be as hardworking and tenacious as you both are. We hope that other parents and children see that anything is possible with hard work. We acknowledge that there has been a certain privilege that play into our situation, but without our parents’ relentless perseverance and our action to match their passion, we would not have achieved what we have achieved,” he added.

This heartwarming story sheds light on the dedication and sacrifices made by parents to ensure a brighter future for their children. Riel’s post serves as a tribute to their parents’ unwavering commitment and the inspiration they provided throughout their educational journey.

Despite their demanding job as janitors, Riel’s parents worked tirelessly to support their children’s education and provide them with opportunities they themselves may not have had.

Here is the full post:




Kinikilabutan ako tuwing sasabihin sa iba na ang magulang ko na simpleng janitor ng Ateneo ay nakapagpatapos ng mga anak nila sa kolehiyo. Hindi lang basta nagsipagtapos, meron pang kakabit na latin honors.

Sa lahat ng silid-aralan, sa lahat ng kubeta, sa lahat ng faculty room, sa lahat ng dorm rooms na nilinis ng mga magulang ko, ito na ang naging bunga. Literal na blood, sweat, and tears.

Kaya ang tagumpay ni Rica Gutierrez ay sanlibong tagumpany nina Ricky Azares Gutierrez at Elma Gutierrez. SALUDO!

Rica Gutierrez

AB Management Economics

minor in Korean Studies

Cum Laude 2023

Riel Gutierrez

AB Psychology

minor in Education

Cum Laude 2019

Ricky Gutierrez

Maintenance II

Grade School

Elma Gutierrez

Maintenance I


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