Mother & Daughter Graduate College Together

Mother & Daughter Earn Praises Online for Graduating College Together

A mother and daughter graduate college together and earned their Bachelor of Technical-Vocational Teacher Education degrees.

It is never too late to achieve your dreams in life. Regardless of your age, there is still time to fulfill your aspirations.

Just like this mother and daughter who graduated college together. It was the ultimate dream of the mother since childhood, but it was delayed due to personal and financial struggles. The two earned their degrees in Bachelor of Technical-Vocational Teacher Education.


In a post shared by the daughter, she wrote:

Nawa’y ang post na ito ay magbigay ng inspirasyon sa mga taong huminto sa kanilang mga pangarap at hindi na pumapasok sa paaralan dahil sa “edad”, hindi pa huli ang lahat para muling isulat ang iyong kuwento.

My mother waited 20-years for this to happen. Embrace your unique journey and let it fuel your motivation.

So ikaw if you think na napag-iwanan kana dahil na unahan kana ng iyong mga kaibigan. May this post be an enlightenment that success is not be in a rush, time will come na ikaw naman, mas nauna lang sila and it is perfectly fine. You shine differently!


This heartwarming story serves as a reminder that age should never hinder anyone from pursuing their education and dreams. It is a testament to the perseverance, determination, and resilience of both the mother and daughter.

They overcame obstacles and stayed committed to their goals despite the challenges they faced along the way. Their accomplishment not only brings personal fulfillment but also serves as an inspiration to others who may have put their dreams on hold.

Their story encourages everyone to embrace their own unique path and timeline. Each individual’s journey is different, and success should be measured by personal growth, determination, and the impact one makes in their chosen field.

The story has been shared by the Facebook page “Viral Ngayon”. The identity of the mother and daughter remain unknown as of this writing. This is a developing story, just visit this  website regularly for further updates.


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