Angkas PH Features Rider on Billboard After His Daughter Graduates in College

Angkas PH Rider Featured on Billboard After His Daughter Graduates in College “Congrats po kay Sir Jhun”

BILLBOARD – Angkas PH features one of their hardworking riders on a billboard after his daughter graduates from college.

Mjay Bequillo, a Facebook user, shared a photo of an Angkas billboard showcasing one of their riders, Jhun, who had a remarkable achievement after his daughter graduated from college. The post elicits comments online.

The story behind the photo reveals how sometimes, in the midst of our daily routines, we can stumble upon unexpected moments. She assumed it was just another advertisement by Angkas, a popular motorcycle ride-hailing service in the Philippines.

Angkas PH

However, upon closer inspection, it became clear that it was more than just an ad. It was a heartfelt congratulations from Angkas Company to one of its riders.

Bequillo’s journey through daily life led him to stop under the EDSA overpass on his way to Rockwell to put on his raincoat. It was during this pause that he took a moment to truly notice the billboard.

He discovered the touching tribute to Jhun, who had gone above and beyond in his role as an Angkas rider.

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“During my daily commute, I happened to stop by under the EDSA overpass going rockwell to put on my raincoat. I thought it was just a normal ad by Angkas but it was actually Angkas congratulating one of its riders. Di mo kasi mapapansin na angkas until you actually take a good look at the billboard,” Bequillo said.

Mjay lauded the company for recognizing the achievement of their staff. The online community shared their own reactions and comments, appreciating the gesture made by Angkas and expressing their admiration for Jhun’s achievement.

It’s actually good to see companies recognizing their employees in such a way,” he added.

Here are some of the comments:

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