PH Supply Boats Blocked, Water Cannoned by Chinese in Disputed Sea

Chinese Coast Guards Blocked, Water Cannoned PH Supply Boats in Disputed Sea Philippine authorities have condemned the Chinese Coast Guards who reportedly blocked and water cannoned PH supply boats in the disputed sea. Chinese Coast Guard vessels intercepted Philippine supply boats at Ayungin Shoal, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs. Three Chinese vessels “blocked … Read more

Chiara Zambrano Brave Reporting After Chinese Ships Chased Them

Chiara Zambrano

Currently trending is Chiara Zambrano for her brave reporting about her team’s experience chased by Chinese ships. CHIARA ZAMBRANO – Chinese Navy deployed military sea vessels and chase down the boat carrying the ABS-CBN team and Chiara Zambrano is trending because of her brave reporting. A Filipino civilian vessel has been reported recently chased down by … Read more

China Coast Guard Ship Spotted Moving Back & Forth Near Ayungin Shoal

China Coast Guard Ayungin Shoal 6

China Coast Guard Ship Spotted Near Ayungin Shoal CHINA – A vessel for the China Coast Guard was seen moving back and forth in the Ayungin Shoal in the West Philippine Sea. In March last year, Malacañang Palace admitted that the West Philippine Sea is controlled by China. They did not withdraw their claim despite the ruling … Read more

Chinese Coast Guard Donates N95 Masks, Relief Goods to Taal Victims

Chinese Coast Guard Donates Relief Goods to Those Affected by The Taal Volcano Eruption The Chinese Coast Guard gives assistance to Filipinos affected by the phreatic eruption and ongoing activity of the Taal Volcano. N95 masks, surgical masks and other types of masks are currently running out of shops and pharmacies due to the harmful … Read more

Chinese Coast Guard Drives Pinoy Reporters Away From Scarborough

Chinese Coast Guard

Chinese Coast Guard Drives Pinoy Reporters Away From Scarborough The Chinese coast guard drives Filipino reporters away from the disputed Scarborough or popularly known as Panatag Shoal. The team from GMA reporter’s notebook had a close encounter with the Chinese coast guard and urged to leave Scarborough Shoal immediately. The group sailed with the same … Read more

China Is Allegedly Conducting Research On Scarborough Shoal’s Seabed


Oceanographic Research Allegedly Conduct By China On Scarborough Shoal’s Seabed Filipino fishermen said that China was allegedly conducting an oceanographic research on the seabed of Scarborough Shoal. Fishermen have to leave their fishing vessels and transfer to a small service boat to enter the Scarborough shoal at the back, where no Chinese Coast Guard can … Read more

Malacañang: Chinese Coast Guard No Longer In Scarborough Shoal

Chinese Coast Guard no longer in Scarborough shoal

Chinese Coast Guard No Longer In Scarborough Shoal The Chinese Coast Guard is not stopping Filipino fishermen from fishing in the disputed Panatag Shoal (Scarborough Shoal) as said by Malacañang Palace last Friday. In a report by Inquirer, Malacañang has observed that in the past three days, Filipino fisher folks are no longer being blocked … Read more