Top 10 Celebrities W/ Exceptionally High IQs

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Top 10 A-List Celebrities W/ Extraordinary IQs CELEBRITIES – Here are the top ten (10) celebrities that possess remarkably high intelligence quotients. An IQ score can be a contentious method for measuring someone’s intelligence. Anything surpassing 130 is considered exceptional. Many individuals tend to underestimate the intellect of celebrities, given their careers in acting, music, … Read more

Jack Logan Slams Rendon Labador: “Influencer dapat walang saltik sa utak”

Jack Logan Sides with Celebrities Against Rendon Labador and His Harsh Tirade Social media personality Jack Logan sides with other celebrities against fellow internet influencer Rendon Labador and his harsh tirade. Jack Logan, a social media influencer, took an effort to defend the celebrities who were insulted online by another influencer, Rendon Labador. Rendon, a … Read more

Yeng Constantino Reveals She Got Snubbed by Famous Celebrities

Yeng Constantino Shares Experiences Being Snubbed by Famous Celebrities Iconic singer Yeng Constantino shared some experiences of being snubbed by some famous celebrities while she was starting. When he was first starting out, the Kapamilya singer and songwriter admits to having terrible experiences with other celebs. According to her, she simply ignores them and does … Read more

Celebrities’ Hilarious January Jokes

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Celebrities Joke About ‘Longest Month’ Of The Year CELEBRITIES – Check out the hilarious jokes of celebrities about the ‘longest month’ of the year. For the internet, January seems to have gone on forever. January has 31 days, making it one of the longest months of the year. March, May, July, August, October, and December … Read more

Rendon Labador Slams Reminder of Kim Atienza to Celebrities

Rendon Labador Disagrees with the Reminder of Kim Atienza to Fellow Celebrities Motivational vlogger Rendon Labador disagrees with the reminder of the Trivia Master Kim Atienza about the fame of celebrities. Kuya Kim recently posted a heartfelt message to his fellow celebs on social media. The Trivia Master reminded people about fame in a post. … Read more

Vhong Navarro Allegedly Seeks Help from Politicians for His Case?

Cristy Fermin Clarifies Vhong Navarro Seeking Help from Politicians Showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin clarified the rumors that actor Vhong Navarro is seeking help from politicians for his case. On her YouTube show “Showbiz Now Na,” Cristy, Morly Alinio, and Romel Chika discussed the claims that the “It’s Showtime” host is looking for assistance from celebrity … Read more

Senator Robin Padilla Opposes Mandatory Drug Test for Artists

Padilla is Against the Mandatory Drug Test for Artists Before Taking Projects Senator Robinhood Padilla opposes to the mandatory drug test for artists before taking any future projects. In a statement, Padilla expressed his opposition to the idea of requiring performers to submit to drug testing before participating in acting projects. The senator, who is … Read more