Rendon Labador Slams Reminder of Kim Atienza to Celebrities

Rendon Labador Disagrees with the Reminder of Kim Atienza to Fellow Celebrities

Motivational vlogger Rendon Labador disagrees with the reminder of the Trivia Master Kim Atienza about the fame of celebrities.

Kuya Kim recently posted a heartfelt message to his fellow celebs on social media. The Trivia Master reminded people about fame in a post. Kuya Kim asserts that fame is ephemeral and subject to fading at any time.

“Fame is so fleeting, so temporary. Ingat sa sinasabi o pinopost pag sikat ka. Baka sa isang taon, di ka na sikat, you will be totally humbled,” he said.

Rendon Labador Kim Atienza

Kuya Kim stated that his message is only a general reminder for him, his fellow celebs, and vloggers in the comment area. In reference to the dispute between celebrity vlogger Zeinab Harake and talent manager Wilbert Tolentino, Kuya Kim made the remark.

A social media influencer, Rendon Labador, disagreed with Kuya Kim’s statement. He claims that this mentality is the cause of the “laos” or outdated nature of many celebrities.

“I totally disagree! Kaya madaming na laos na artista dahil sa mga gatinong pag iisip,” he stated in his post.

He emphasized that being “safe” and unwilling to make mistakes is riskier. In this “false world of social media,” according to Rendon Labador, people want to see real, genuine individuals.

“Ang playing safe at takot magkamali ay MAS DELIKADO! People want to see REAL & AUTHENTIC people in this fake world of social media,” she explained.

“Gusto nilang makita yung mga taong nag kakamali din at bumabangon sa mga bawat pag kakamali nila,” he added.

Rendon urged his followers and other netizens to read it again in the final paragraph of his response, where he repeated that “authenticity always wins.” In the meantime, some online users agreed with his assertion regarding the Kuya Kim reminder.

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