Elderly Woman Carries ‘Stop Sign’ in Accident-Prone Area

Elderly Woman

Video of Elderly Woman Carrying ‘Stop Sign’ While Crossing Accident-Prone Area Brings Good Vibes Online An elderly woman brought good vibes online for her safety-conscious act of carrying a ‘stop sign’ in an accident-prone area. Nowadays, road accidents have been one of the major concerns in various countries across the world including the Philippines. These … Read more

Jeepney Driver in Bacolod Punched for Refusing to Join Rally

Jeepney Driver

Jeepney Driver Punched by Protester for Declining to Join Rally in Bacolod City A jeepney driver in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental was assaulted after refusing to join a rally protest. A transport protest is a public demonstration or strike organized by workers in the transportation sector, such as bus drivers, taxi drivers, train operators, or … Read more

Man Steals Bag Containing Cash Inside Mall Premises in Bacolod City


Bag Stolen Inside Mall Premises in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental THEFT INCIDENT – A man was spotted stealing a bag inside the mall premises in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. Theft is the act of taking someone else’s property without their permission, intending to permanently deprive them of it. It involves dishonestly appropriating or acquiring something … Read more

Chinese National Acquires Birth Certificate in Bacolod Without Knowledge of Filipino Dialect

Chinese National

Chinese National Obtains Birth Certificate in Bacolod City Without Learning Single Filipino Word A Chinese national obtained a birth certificate in Bacolod without any knowledge of the Filipino dialect. Bacolod City Legal Officer Atty. Romeo Carlos Ting, Jr. learned the status of these Chinese nationals after receiving reports that they pay huge amounts, reaching P2 … Read more

Lady Student Faces Distressing Experience During Jeepney Ride

Lady Student

Lady Student in Jeepney Incident Left Shaken After Harrowing Encounter JEEPNEY INCIDENT – A lady student faced a distressing experience while riding a jeepney in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. Harassment refers to unwanted and repeated behavior that causes distress or discomfort to an individual. It can take various forms, such as physical, verbal, or online, … Read more

Pertussis Claims Life Of 1-month-old Baby In Negros Occidental

Pertussis, Baby hands 3

In Negros Occidental, A Baby Passes Away Due To Pertussis PERTUSSIS – Health authorities reported the death of a 1-month-old male infant from a community in Negros Occidental who was diagnosed with pertussis, commonly referred to as whooping cough. Pertussis, a highly contagious bacterial illness, triggers severe and uncontrollable coughing spells, often followed by a … Read more

Bible Survives House Fire in Bacolod City, Unscathed


House Catches Fire in Bacolod City, Bible Survives A Holy Bible was left unharmed and unscathed after surviving a house fire in Barangay Villamonte, Bacolod City. Throughout history, fires have destroyed both lives and property, making them a constant source of worry for people all over the world. There are many various contexts in which … Read more

Rider Rewarded for Halting Knife-Wielding Woman in Bacolod City


Motorcycle Rider Receives Reward for Stopping Knife-Wielding Woman BACOLOD CITY – A motorcycle rider was rewarded for helping to stop a woman wielding a knife believed to be mentally challenged. Heroism is the quality or action of a person who, often in the face of danger or misfortune, demonstrates extraordinary bravery, selflessness, and courage. It … Read more