Ariella Arida Shares Her Fangirling Moment w/ Ji Chang Wook

ariella arida ji chang wook

Ariella Arida shared her photos with Ji Chang Wook Beauty queen-turned-actress Ariella Arida enjoyed her fangirling moment with South Korean superstar Ji Chang Wook. Ariella has brought pride to the country when it comes to international beauty pageants. She was hailed as Miss Universe Philippines in 2013 and represented the Philippines and won third place. … Read more

Maxine Medina Reveals Why She Can’t Accept Daring Roles

Maxine Medina

Maxine Medina On Why She Can’t Do Daring Roles MAXINE MEDINA – Former beauty queen and “First Yaya” actress Maxine Medina revealed why she can’t accept daring roles. Maxine Medina is an actress, designer and a beauty queen. She was crowned Miss Universe Philippine 2016. She represented the county in the Miss Universe 2016 pageant. … Read more

Ariella Arida Defends Miss Universe PH Bea Gomez for Being Openly Gay

Ariella Arida Airs Reactions to Sexual Orientation of Miss Universe PH Bea Gomez ARIELLA ARIDA – Beauty queen-actress has expressed her reactions to Miss Universe Philippines Bea Gomez for being openly gay. Miss Universe 2013 3rd runner-up Ariella Arida said Bea Gomez’s sexual orientation had nothing to do with her winning Miss Universe Philippines 2021. … Read more

Ariella Arida: Miss Universe Philippines winner must be ‘Ready to compete’

ariella arida miss universe philippines 2021

Ariella Arida shared her thoughts on Miss Universe Philippines candidates Miss Universe Philippines 2013 Ariella Arida said that the next Miss Universe Philippines must be ready to compete in the international pageant stage. Amid the pandemic, several national pageants have already adjusted the dates of their coronation nights. The world of pageantry is one of … Read more

Ariella Arida Reacts to Kissing Scene with Lassy: “Malansa sa Pinakamalansa”

Comedian Lassy Express Reactions to Kissing Scene with Ariella Arida in Thier Movie LASSY – The stand-up comedian expresses his reactions towards his kissing scene with beauty queen Ariella Arida in their psychomedy movie. The beauty queen turned TV host-actress Ariella has brought laughter during the virtual mediacon of her upcoming movie with comedian Lassy … Read more

Ariella Arida Reveals Top 3 Bets For Miss Universe Philippines 2021

Ariella Arida 3

Here’s Ariella Arida’s Top 3 Bets For Miss Universe PH 2021 ARIELLA ARIDA – Beauty queen-turned-actress Ariella AridaAriella Arida revealed her top 3 bets for the upcoming Miss Universe Philippines 2021 on September 30. After rescheduling the events of the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in the country, the organization … Read more

Rabiya Mateo Receives This Pageant Advice From Ariella Arida

rabiya mateo ariella arida

A piece of advice to Rabiya Mateo from a fellow beauty queen Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo received pageant advice from Miss Universe 2013 3rd runner-up Ariella Arida. Rabiya is representing the country for the 69th edition of the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world. Pre-pageant events are already being held in Florida … Read more

Willie Revillame on Ariella Arida’s Sudden Exit From Wowowin: ‘Gusto kong tampalin yan’

willie revillame ariella arida

Here’s what Willie Revillame said about Ariella Arida Wowowin host Willie Revillame expressed something about the sudden exit of beauty queen Ariella Arida from the game show as one of his co-hosts. When Ariella exited from Wowowin, several speculations surfaced. It was alleged that Willie terminated her and there were also those who speculated that … Read more

Ariella Arida Reveals Real Feelings Towards Willie Revillame

Ariella Arida

What is the real score between Ariella Arida and Willie Revillame? ARIELLA ARIDA – Beauty queen turned actress Ariella Arida finally spoke and revealed the truth about her rumored relationship with Willie Revillame before. Miss Universe 2013 third runner up Ariella Arida is now a host, a fashion model, and an actress. She is currently … Read more