Dog Dies Repeatedly Abused & Thrown by Owner in Rizal


Abusive Owner at Large Over Display of Animal Cruelty Towards Dog TAYTAY, RIZAL – A defenseless dog passed away after repeatedly abused and ruthlessly thrown by cruel pet owner. In the video, the poor dog can be seen in the clutches of its owner, who carried the pet by the neck in the early hours … Read more

Tourist’s Missing Dog Found Butchered by 2 Fishermen in Quezon

Missing Dog Butchered

2 Fishermen Nabbed after They Butchered a Missing Dog of a Tourist in Quezon Police authorities arrested two (2) fishermen after they allegedly butchered the missing dog of a tourist in Saraiya, Quezon. According to the report of GMA News, Sariaya police chief Maj Romar Pacis stated that Alicia Peduche, a resident of Barangay Calios … Read more

Security Guard Who Throws Puppy from Bridge to Be Jailed

Security Guard to Jailed After Throwing Puppy from High Bridge The abusive security guard will be jailed after he went viral online for allegedly throwing a poor puppy from a high bridge. To recall, the mall security guard received flak from the internet after allegedly throwing a puppy over a high footbridge in Quezon City. … Read more

Elderly Man Arrested for Shooting Innocent Dog in Nueva Vizcaya

Elderly Man Shooting Innocent Dog in Nueva Vizcaya Arrested Police authorities arrested an elderly man for allegedly shooting an innocent dog in Nueva Vizcaya. On January 10, the 69-year-old man was arrested after shooting a dog in Purok Bergonia, Barangay Bintawan Sur, Villaverde. Villaverde Police officers reacted to a shooting and ruckus in which a … Read more

Matteo Guidicelli Condemns “Dog Meat Trade” in the Philippines

Matteo Guidicelli

Matteo Guidicelli Airs Dismay to “Dog Meat Trade” in the Philippines Actor and Presidential Security Guard (PSG) Matteo Guidicelli strongly condemned the illegal “dog meat trade” in the Philippines. Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo, a famous couple, recently had the chance to visit the Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) in Capas, Tarlac. Matteo bemoaned the continued … Read more

2 Japanese Men Arrested for Suspected Abuse of 450 Dogs in Japan

2 Japanese Men Suspected of Abuse Against 450 Dogs in Central Japan Arrested Authorities arrested two (2) Japanese men after they were suspected to abuse 450 dogs in the Central Japan city of Matsumoto. The two were suspected of abusing canines that were found in bad health at a kennel in central Japan city, according … Read more