Refusal Letter Sample – Decline Job Promotion Offer

Here’s a refusal letter sample to formally reject a job promotion offer to you.

REFUSAL LETTER SAMPLE – This is a sample letter of refusal to formally reject a job promotion being offered as you’d rather keep your existing job.

In climbing up the coroporate ladder, you’d need a promotion. And a promotion might mean higher salary but this also means additional load of works and bigger responsibilities. However, not everyone is eyeing for the promotion despite the promise of further opportunities for advancement. Although a lot may eye such, to those who got the offer but wouldn’t want to, a sample letter of this is below.

To some, promotions seek bigger changes to one’s workplace experience and work-life balance and this is not always for the better. However, how would you decline the opportunity if it is being offered to you right in your face? Find the right reasons. As such, the reasons might be: the timing is not right yet, You feel like you’re not ready yet, you don’t want it, not comfortable with the new team, and it doesn’t pay.

Things to remember when it was being offered but you don’t want it:

  • Show appreciation because you were considered.
  • Immediately respond with gratitude.
  • Put the reasons why you feel like you don’t fit in the said position.
  • Point out how your skills are effective in your current job position.
  • Leave an impression that you’re really passionate about your current role.

Here’s a format to use and some guide in writing: Business Sample Letter Format, Tips, and Guide

Check out the sample below:

Dear Sir/Ma’am:

I am writing to you this letter to thank you and the management board for considering me to take over the (insert job position). However, I would have to decline the job promotion offer for I won’t be able to handle the additional responsibilities that may come with the job.

I just want to inform you that my health is currently in a bad shape and my doctor has advised me to not work too hard. As I see it, it is best for me to decline the offer, for now, to not make any more burden. But I do really appreciate it that you see me fit to do the job.

I suggest that you find another employee who is better, younger, and healthier. I can personally recommend (insert name of recommended employee). She is trustworthy, reliable, organized, and competent. I believe that her skills will be an asset to the company.

Thank you.




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