Business Sample Letters Format, Tips, and Guide

Here are some Business Sample Letters including the format and some tips and guides you must know in writing.

BUSINESS SAMPLE LETTERS – For various purposes in the field of business, a letter is essential, and here are some tips and guides when writing.

A formal and essential document that is used to communicate by a company to another or a company to its clients, employees, and stakeholders is a business letter. It could be in the form of email and print out for both still hold important and serious types of correspondence.

Here are some tips on what to include, consider, and put in the content of your letter:

  • Be clear with the purpose and intention of your letter and use simple language so as to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.
  • Select a professional letterhead design.
  • Always provide your address as a sender and your contact details.
  • Your content must indicate why you are writing and the subsequent paragraphs must give your recipient a better understanding of your purpose.

What’s for the format and template:

  • The most used format is the blocky style where every part of the letter i justified to the left.
  • The sentences must be in single spacing except in making another paragraph which must be in double space.
  • In margins, it must be about 1 inch (25.4 mm) on all sides of the document.
  • For the date use the month/day/year format (e.g. October 5, 2013) or the day/month/year format (e.g. 5 October 2013).
  • For the salutation, it must be a colon, not a comma. (e.g. Dear Client: NOT Dear Client,)

See below:

(Sender’s name)
(Sender’s Job Title)
(Sender’s Company Name)
(Sender’s Address)
(Sender’s Contact Details)


(Recipient’s name)
(Recipient’s Job Title)
(Recipient’s Company Name)
(Recipient’s Address)

SALUTATION (example: To Whom It May Concern: or Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. [Last Name]:)

(single space in between sentences and double space in between paragraphs)
(you can use the block style format)

CLOSING SALUTATION (example Respectfully yours, Yours sincerely, Cordially, Respectfully, and for the less formal letter, you may use All the best, Best, Thank you, Regards)

(Under your closing, leave four single spaces between your typed full name, title, and other contact details you may want to include)

Check out some sample letter below:

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