Sample Letters

Compilation of Sample Letters Used for Different Purposes in Schools, Office, Business

SAMPLE LETTERS – Here is a compilation of the examples of different types of letters depending on purpose.

A letter remains to be the most utilized type of formal communication. It is used in businesses, schools, offices, and even simply on a personal level like writing a friendly letter or a letter of appreciation.

Undeniably, many people write a couple of letters daily because of their line of job or the business they are operating. If you are working in an office or pursuing a career that is managerial, it is important to know the different types of letters and how to construct.

Truths be told that knowing how to write a letter right and well is an edge. It may play a role in applying for a job, a promotion, or in proposing a business or offer.

However, another truth is that not all types of letter is discussed in schools. The school calendar is limited to tackle all the letters that a person may need to know for future use.

What we usually do instead is surf online. We check on the types of letters and as well as get some sample letters we can base our own letter on. It is really different if you have a guide – plus the fact that you might pick up lines that can greatly help in the construction of your letter.

Sample Letters

There are different categories of letters. In this article, we will compile the four (4) types of letters and you can visit them to check on the sample letters that you are looking for.

Student Sample Letters – Here is compilation of the examples of the different types of letters usually used in school like an excuse letter for an absence, a letter in applying for a scholarship grant, a letter for research proposal, etc.

Employee Sample Letters – Here is a compilation of the examples of the different letters used by employees in different purposes like in applying for a job, in applying for a vacation leave, in resigning, etc.

Business Sample Letters – Here is a compilation of the examples of formal letters used in operation a business like a request letter, a business permit request letter, a proposal letter, etc.

Referral Sample Letters – Here is a compilation of the sample letters used in referral or recommendation purposes. These include academic letters, employment letters, and character referral letters.

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