Manila Mayor Isko Moreno’s Real Name & Personal Background

ISKO MORENO’S REAL NAME – Here are some details about Manila Mayor Isko Moreno including his true and complete name behind the screen.

A lot of people admire how Manila City is led now – under the leadership of Mayor Isko Moreno. Undeniably, he is one of the most popular mayors in the country and he was already a celebrity even before he entered politics.

Isko was an actor. He had his years in the popular show That’s Entertainment and his life story is not much of a secret to the public – most especially now that he is a public servant. He came from a poor family and was the only child of his parents – Joaquin Domogoso who was a stevedore and Rosario Moreno.

Isko Moreno’s age was only 10 when he started working to help his parents earn money and provide food for them. He collected used bottles and old newspapers and sold it in the junkshop. For their food, there were times when he collected left over foods from restaurants and his mother will re-cook it.

Isko Moreno's Real Name

Even after he left showbiz and entered politics, he is known by his screen name or nickname. Many were even surprised upon hearing Isko Moreno’s real name.

Isko Moreno‘s real name is Francisco Domogoso. He is married to Diana Lynn Ditan and they have five children – Vincent Patrick, Frances Diane, Joaquin Andre, Franco, and Drake Marcus. Their son, Joaquin, entered showbiz and is under GMA-7 Network now.

Isko Moreno Family

Isko is eyed to be one of the presidential candidates in the 2022 Elections. The Manila City Mayor did not give a definite answer on it but maintained that he is focusing on the biggest problem now which is the COVID-19 pandemic.

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