This is the reason why the family life of Isko Moreno is private

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno revealed the reason why he is keeping his family life private.

As a former actor, the life of Yorme Isko has been an open book to the public. His humble beginning has been told countless times and has brought inspiration to many.

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When he entered the world of politics, he has become nearer to the public’s eyes as he is mingling with his constituents. It is quite a normal thing for public figures to be always visible publicly. However, only a few people know about his family life, especially his wife.

Based on the article from GMA, the reason for this is that his wife, Diana Lynn Ditan, is also a very private person.

“Napakahiyain nu’n [misis ko]. She wanted to live normally. While she has also some obligation as the wife of the mayor on a particular occasion, after that wala na ulit ‘yon, bebeta (tatabi) na sa gedli (gilid) ‘yun, doon na siya,” he said during an interview on Tunay Na Buhay.

isko moreno
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On the other hand, the Manila Mayor proudly shared that his wife is an active member of the Philippine Taekwondo. Just recently, his son Joaquin has also started his career in the entertainment industry.

Isko Moreno said that at first, he is against his son’s plan to enter show business. However, he gave in to Joaquin’s aspiration, later on as long as he will finish his studies.

When asked about the importance of his family for him, the Manila City Mayor said, “[Ang pamilya] Ang pundasyon ng lipunan. Kaya mahalaga ang pamilya.”

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