Dennis Padilla Explains Past Intriguing Posts About Julia, Claudia, Leon

Here’s the explanation of Dennis Padilla to this past issue with his children.

Actor-comedian Dennis Padilla recalls the time he frequently posts about his children and this is his explanation.

Last 2022, an issue erupted after actor-comedian Dennis Padilla posts intriguing statements about his children not greeting him on social media during the Father’s Day. To the people online, it appeared that his children were cold-hearted for forgetting this special day about him.

These children of his are Julia Barretto, Claudia Barretto, and Leon Barretto. They are his children with Marjorie Barretto.

Following these intriguing statements that caught many people’s attention, Leon released an open letter for their father addressing his concern about them not greeting him on father’s day. In the letter, Leon, standing up for his sisters and defend them from the backlash, wrote:

“It’s not that we don’t want to talk to you, but the few times that we do to resolve the issues, you communicate by shouting, cursing, and using hurtful words that traumatize us. Is public sympathy really more important to you than your own children? Your words have the power to destroy your children, papa. t’s exhausting, papa. As the only man in the family, this is me stepping up to protect my sisters.”

Recalling this time, Padilla explained himself. In an interview, he clarified that he just missed his children at that time. He was not able to see them for many years, hence, the actions he has taken. He hasn’t seen them for around four to five years at that time.

He reasoned out, “Gusto ko lang makarating na I remember them on these special days.”

And that open letter from his son was the significant point where he realized a lot of things. The open letter made him reflect on his actions and it made him change his mind.

“So, inalis ko na yun. Hindi ko na ginagawa yon,” he expressed. He stopped doing it and instead, just share posts about them during special days like Christmas and their birthdays. The only means he can think of to reach out to them is social media.

He added, “Parang yun lang ang paraan ko para maka-reach out sa kanila.”

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