Dennis Padilla Makes A Promise For Julia, Claudia, and Leon

Dennis Padilla

This is the promise of Dennis Padilla to his children with Marjorie Barretto. Actor-comedian Dennis Padilla hopes for continued healing and has this promise for his children Julia, Claudia, and Leon. It has been several years already since actor-comedian Dennis Padilla saw his children Julia Barretto, Claudia, and Leon. They are his children with his … Read more

Dennis Padilla Explains Past Intriguing Posts About Julia, Claudia, Leon

Dennis Padilla

Here’s the explanation of Dennis Padilla to this past issue with his children. Actor-comedian Dennis Padilla recalls the time he frequently posts about his children and this is his explanation. Last 2022, an issue erupted after actor-comedian Dennis Padilla posts intriguing statements about his children not greeting him on social media during the Father’s Day. … Read more

Marjorie Barretto Honored By Son Leon Barretto

Marjorie Barretto

In an IG post, Marjorie Barretto receives a shoutout from her only son. Former actress-politician Marjorie Barretto received a sweet message from Leon, her only son who just recently turned 21. Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla have three children. Recently, their only turned 21 years old. View this post on Instagram A post shared by … Read more

Julia Barretto and Others Greet Leon On His 21st Birthday

Julia Barretto

Love and greetings poured for Leon Barretto from Julia Barretto and other family members. Leon Barretto turns 21 years old and these are the messages of Julia Barretto, Marjorie Barretto, and Dennis Padilla for him. Famous personalities Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla have three children together. Julia, Claudia, and Leon. They might not be on … Read more

Julia Barretto Grateful For Leon After He Did This

Julia Barretto

Here’s what Julia Barretto felt after Leon stood up for them. In an interview in Magandang Buhay, Julia Barretto shares what she felt when Leon Barretto did this one time in the past. It is not a secret that actor-comedian Dennis Padilla doesn’t have quite a smooth and good relationship with Julia, Claudia, and Leon. … Read more

Marjorie Barretto Gushes Over Erich’s Before and After Photos

Marjorie Barretto

These before and after photos of Erich made Marjorie Barretto feel this way. Former actress Marjorie Barretto gets this feels seeing their photos of her youngest taken with four years difference. Erich Barretto is the youngest of Erich Barretto. She is her son with former Caloocan City mayor and congressman Enrico “Recom” Echiverri. Erich was … Read more

VIDEO: Claudia Barretto Wow Netizens W/ Beauty

Claudia Barretto 1

Netizens React To Claudia Barretto’s New TikTok Video CLAUDIA BARRETTO – Lots of netizens reacted to Claudia Barretto’s new TikTok video. Claudia Barretto is a musician and social media sensation. She is the daughter of ex-couple Dennis Padilla and Marjorie Barretto. Leon Barretto, Dani Barretto, and Julia Barretto are her other well-known siblings. She earned … Read more

Dennis Padilla is Upset for Not Getting Father’s Day Greetings from Children

Dennis Padilla Admits Being Upset After Not Receiving Father’s Day Greetings from Children Actor-comedian Dennis Padilla admitted he is upset after not receiving a Father’s Day message from his three children. Dennis Padilla was apparently angry after not receiving a letter from his children Julia, Claudia, and Leon Barretto on Father’s Day, according to Ogie … Read more