Dennis Padilla and Partner Separate, Financial Support Is “Madugo Ang Labanan”

Dennis Padilla

In an interview, Dennis Padilla has this revelations about his family. Actor-comedian Dennis Padilla and his non-showbiz Filipino-Australian partner have separated and here’s their situation now. In a recent interview, VIVA star Dennis Padilla admitted that he and his live in partner Linda Gorton have separated a long time ago already. They have been together … Read more

Dennis Padilla Shares What Joshua Garcia Did That Gerald Anderson Did Not Do Yet

Dennis Padilla

This is what Dennis Padilla shared about Joshua Garcia and Gerald Anderson. Actor-comedian Dennis Padilla has this revelation about the ex-boyfriend and present boyfriend of his daughter Julia Barretto. Kapamilya actor Joshua Garcia and actress Julia Barretto were formerly a love team. They were also a couple in real life but their relationship did not … Read more

Julia Barretto Greets Dennis Padilla, Actor Has This Reaction

Julia Barretto

This is the reaction of Dennis Padilla after Julia Barretto greeted him on his birthday. In an interview, actor-comedian Dennis Padilla expressed that he was touched by the birthday greeting from his daughter Julia Barretto. Julia, Claudia, and Leon are Dennis Padilla’s children with his ex-wife, actress Marjorie Barretto. They are estranged from him but … Read more

Dennis Padilla Receives Message From Julia Barretto

Dennis Padilla, Julia Barretto

Dennis Padilla Reveals He Received A Message From Daughter Julia Barretto DENNIS PADILLA – Actor and comedian Dennis Padilla said he received a message from his daughter Julia Barretto. Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla ended their relationship in 2007, leading to a strained connection with their children Julia, Claudia, and Leon. Over the years, their … Read more

PHOTO: Julia Barretto Left A Note In Marjorie Barretto’s Purse

Julia Barretto, Marjorie Barretto 1

Marjorie Barretto Says It Was Written on Julia Barretto’s Personalized Stationery JULIA BARRETTO – Celebrity mom Marjorie Barretto shared a photo of the note that Julia Barretto left for her in her purse. Marjorie Barretto has been a part of the entertainment industry for several years, making it unsurprising that one of her children would … Read more

Julia Barretto Takes Breakup Rumors As A Compliment

Julia Barretto

Unbothered! Julia Barretto has this to say to the bashers of her love life. Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto speaks about the persistent split rumors of her and boyfriend Gerald Anderson. After the controversial split of Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson in July 2019, they found themselves at peace for finding new love. Anderson is currently in a … Read more