Dennis Padilla Leaves Message For Ex-Wife Marjorie Barretto

Dennis Padilla and Marjorie Barretto

This is what Dennis Padilla said to Marjorie Barretto, his ex-wife. DENNIS PADILLA – Actor-comedian Dennis Padilla expresses a message for Marjorie Barretto regarding his relationship with the children. In a previous article, Dennis Padilla shares one wish he wants to come true this Christmas and this is reconciliation with his estranged children. He and Marjorie … Read more

Dennis Padilla Expresses Message For Julia, Claudia, Leon, and Dani

Dennis Padilla

Here are the heartfelt messages of Dennis Padilla for his children. DENNIS PADILLA – 60-year-old actor-comedian Dennis Padilla has these messages for his estranged children with Marjorie Barretto. Former celebrity couple Dennis Padilla and Marjorie Barretto have three children namely Julia Barretto, Leon Barretto, and Claudia Barretto. Marj’s eldest Dani Barretto is someone Dennis also considers his own … Read more

Dennis Padilla Wishes To Reconcile w/ Julia, Leon, and Claudia

Dennis Padilla

This is what Dennis Padilla wishes to happen before Christmas. DENNIS PADILLA – Actor-comedian Dennis Padilla has three children with Marjorie Barretto but they are currently facing an issue. “At the end of the day, all I want is peace with my dad,” says Leon Barretto when asked about a possible reconciliation with father Dennis … Read more

Leon Barretto Open To Reconcile w/ Dennis Padilla? Here’s What He Said

Leon Barretto and Dennis Padilla

Is Leon Barretto open to being at peace with his father? LEON BARRETTO – Marjorie Barretto’s son Leon Barretto speaks about reconciling with biological father Dennis Padilla. Dennis Padilla has 3 kids with Marjorie Barretto namely Julia Barretto, Leon Barretto, and Claudia Barretto. However, the comedian doesn’t have a pretty relationship with them. They have an ongoing rift … Read more

Ruffa Gutierrez Shares Videos From Karla Estrada’s 80s-Themed Birthday Party

Karla Estrada, Ruffa Gutierrez, Robin Padilla, Marjorie Barretto 3

Ruffa Gutierrez Shares Clips From Karla Estrada’s Birthday Party RUFFA GUTIERREZ – Actress-beauty queen Ruffa Gutierrez shared some clips from Karla Estrada’s birthday celebration. Karla Estrada entered the entertainment industry when she was a teenager. After giving birth to her son Daniel Padilla, she was able to bounce back. Later on, Daniel launched his own … Read more

VIDEO: Julia Barretto Washes Hands In A Very Elegant Way

Julia Barretto 3

Julia Barretto Elegant Hand-washing Video Goes Viral JULIA BARRETTO – Actress-vlogger Julia Barretto recently showed how she washes her hands. Julia Barretto is a famous Pinay actress, vlogger, and entrepreneur. She is the daughter of former couple Dennis Padilla and Marjorie Barretto. The 25-year-old celebrity is currently dating Kapamilya actor Gerald Anderson. Earlier, the actress … Read more

Gerald Anderson Praises Marjorie Barretto’s Cooking Skills

Gerald Anderson, Marjorie Barretto 1

Gerald Anderson Commends Marjorie Barretto For Her Cooking GERALD ANDERSON – Kapamilya actor Gerald Anderson commended Marjorie Barretto for her cooking. Actress Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson are dating right now. They appeared together in the 2019 romance drama “Between Maybes.” The two became the center of controversy for a while. This is after Julia … Read more

VIDEO: Julia Barretto, Claudia, Leon Dancing At Dani’s 29th Birthday Party

Julia Barretto, Dani Barretto, Claudia Barretto 3

Here’s Video Of Julia Barretto, Claudia, Leon Dancing At Dani’s Birthday Party JULIA BARRETTO – Watch the viral video of Julia Barretto, Claudia Barretto, and Leon Barretto dancing at Dani Barretto’s 29th birthday party here. Dani Barretto is Marjorie Barretto’s daughter with former partner Kier Legaspi. She is the eldest among her siblings Julia Barretto, … Read more

Dennis Padilla Hand-written Birthday Greeting For Dani Barretto Goes Viral

Dennis Padilla, Dani Barretto

Read Dennis Padilla Heartfelt Handwritten Birthday Greeting For Dani Barretto Here DENNIS PADILLA – Actor Dennis Padilla shared a photo of a greeting card with a heartfelt message he wrote for his former stepdaughter Dani Barretto. Dani Barretto is the daughter of former couple Marjorie Barretto and Kier Legaspi. She’s the eldest among her siblings … Read more