Leon Barretto Answers His Dad Dennis Padilla’s Father’s Day Post

Leon Barretto shares this about his father

Seasoned actor Dennis Padilla shared his sentiments last Father’s Day as he said that his children did not remember to greet him and here’s the answer of Leon Barretto to this.

Dennis shares a throwback photo with his son with former partner Marjorie Barretto. In his caption, he wrote, “Leon… You forgot to greet me last sunday … hehe… Love you ingat… [praying hands, heart emojis].”

Leon Barretto
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The seasoned actor shared a photo of Claudia and Julia Barretto who forgot to greet him as well. A week after the world’s celebration of Father’s Day, Leon Barretto wrote an answer to to the viral post of his father.

Leon said that he has been thinking about whether to write to his father or not, or if it is the best way he could do. The 19-year-old said that his father apparently uses social media to reach out to them.

He also said that it has been difficult for them because they don’t know where their place are in the life of their father.

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Leon said, “It’s always been an awkward day for us cause we never seem to know where we stand with you every year. I’ve always envied people who never even have to think twice about greeting their dads a ‘Happy father’s Day’.'”

The brother of Julia and Claudia also said that for the past 10 years he and his siblings have been trying to rebuild the bridge that their father keeps on burning.

We have been trying so hard to slowly rebuild the bridge you continuously burn every time you talk about our private matters in your press cons, interviews, and social media,” he said.

Leon Barretto also pointed out that Dennis Padilla is making him and his siblings ugly in people’s eyes because of his cryptic posts about them.

Do you think it does not pain all of us not to feel protected by their own father?” he said. Leon also stressed that it is not that they don’t want to talk to their father but because of the hurtful things he would say to them when they are trying to resolve things.

I need you to know that I want nothing else but to move forward in the safest and healthiest manner possible. I want peace, papa,” Leon said.


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