Sarah Lahbati Reveals Relationship With Richard Gutierrez Now

In an interview, Sarah Lahbati says she’s “holding up pretty well” after separation.

This is what actress Sarah Lahbati revealed when asked about her relationship now with Richard Gutierrez after separation.

One of the celebrity couple admire before by many was Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez. They have this ideal happy family with their two sons as seen on their Instagram posts but it looks like what they show online is not what it seems to be in real life.

Last December 2023, Annabelle Rama revealed the Sarah and Richard split.

She candidly revealed this when she said that her son has been living with her. Following the confirmation, more and more issues started to come out regarding the separation which came as a big surprise to many people.

More and more issue came up fueled by the candid comments of the in-laws in their responses to the netizens. For one, Sarah’s mother share that Richard is “seloso”. This is something she smoothly segued when she responded to a netizen.

This was then followed by Sarah unfollowing the Gutierrez clan and the clan returned the favor. Gutierrez clan unfollowed Sarah which gave people more reason to speculate. However, the couple remained mum. They are film in keeping this matter private.

Recently, in an interview, the actress was asked of her and hero husband’s current relationship and she opened up about it. According to her, amid everything, she’s just “happy and grateful” and that they are okay. She is also feeling blessed and she sees this as a good time to work on herself.

To recall, she was called “nagwawaldas ng pera” by Rama. In the same interview, she weighed in on the prejudice when women get criticize for spending using their money. As for her who is working and earning her own money, she doesn’t think any women owe anyone an explanation why they indulge themselves.

“If you have a job and you work so hard, then you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. Just do your thing, whatever it is that you want to do,” she expressed.

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