Christmas Traditions Philippines — List of Practices that Remain Alive Every Year

CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS PHILIPPINES – You can check the list below for the tradition practices in the country every Christmas season.

There are practices that are already part of the traditions as they are done every year and, in the Philippines, there are these Christmas practices that remain alive for decades now. They are among the things that ignite the real essence and spirit of the Christmas season.

Pinoy Christmas Traditions — Here Are Some Unique Practices in the Philippines…

List of Pinoy Christmas Traditions Widely-Observed in PH

PINOY CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS – Here are some unique practices in the Philippines during the Christmas season.

Are you one of the people who love celebrating Christmas? Well, the celebration actually differs among nations and each has its own set of Christmas traditions. The Philippines has one of the longest celebrations of the said season tagged as the most wonderful time of the year.

Pinoy Christmas Traditions
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In PH, as early as September, many people are already excited about the upcoming Christmas holidays and gatherings. They start looking out for gifts and planning on the foods to prepare. Pinoy Christmas songs are played almost everywhere.

Decades may pass but there are these Pinoy Christmas traditions that remain so alive. Below, you can check out the list of these traditions widely-practice in the country during the Christmas season.

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The Belen features the nativity scene and a lot of homes, not only churches, make sure they have it. This is one of the Pinoy Christmas traditions that really contribute a lot to the feels of the season. A Belen may be made from a porcelain or recycled materials depicting Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, and the three (3) kings.

Also one of the Pinoy Christmas traditions that is widely-observed for decades now is the Simbang Gabi. It is a mass held for nine (9) days prior to the Christmas day and it is believed that anyone who completes it will get his/her wish come true.

This is a unique kind of gift giving which is widely practiced in Filipino Christmas parties. Days or weeks before the party, everyone invited draws paper rolls to pick out their Manita/Manito or the person they will have to give a gift to.

The Philippines has one of the grandest celebrations of the Christmas season. Not only that Christmas songs are played everywhere but the lights are also on and Christmas parols are hang everywhere most especially in parks.

A lot of individuals most especially godparents give away red envelopes containing cash. Also called Ang Pao, many companies also use it in giving a Christmas bonus to their employees.

Also one of the Pinoy Christmas traditions that is alive for decades now is the Christmas carolling. Groups of kids and adults go around the streets and sing in front of each house and they get some money in exchange of it.

On Christmas eve, countless Filipino families sit and eat together. There are noche buena food that seems to be staple on the Christmas table as they are really linked to the celebration.

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