LTO Violation Fee 2023 for Registration & Operation Offenses — A Complete Guide for Drivers

Guide on LTO Violation Fee 2023 for Traffic Violations Drivers in PH Must Be Aware Of

LTO VIOLATION FEE 2023 – Here is a list of the fines set by the Land Transportation Office for registration and operation offenses.

If you will be driving in the Philippines, it is a must to have a driver’s license issued by the Land Transportation Office. More popularly called LTO, the government office spearheads the implementation of the traffic rules it has crafted for the Philippine roads.


Driving without a driver’s license has a corresponding fine in the Philippines. The set of penalties were also crafted by the Land Transportation Office. The government body has several offices nationwide that cater services to thousands of people daily.

LTO has also set up an online platform, the LTMS Portal, to make it more convenient for the public in availing their services. It is also a strategy to manage the queueing in its offices. Vehicle registrations are also done at LTO thus it has thousands of clients daily.

LTO Violation Fee 2023 for Registration & Operation Offenses
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Aside from the traffic rules, the Land Transportation Office has also set regulations with regards to vehicle registrations and operations on Philippine roads. Your vehicle must be registered to the LTO to prevent getting fined.

The registration must also be renewed before or on the date of its expiry to prevent penalties. Here is a list composed of each LTO Violation Fee 2023 and the corresponding fine per offense:

Registration & Operation OffensesLTO Violation Fee 2023
Driving an unregistered motor vehicle– Php 10,000
– vehicle impoundment
Unauthorized motor vehicle modificationPhp 5,000
Operating a Right Hand Drive vehicle– Php 50,000
– vehicle impoundment
Motor vehicle operating without or with defective / improper / unauthorized accessories, devices, equipment, and parts– Php 5,000
– vehicle impoundment
Failure to attach or improper attachment / tampering of authorized motor vehicle license plates and/or 3rd plate sticker– Php 5,000
Smoke Belching*1st offense
– P2,000

*2nd offense
– P4,000

*3rd offense
– Php 6,000
– 1 year suspension of Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR)
– 1 year suspension of Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR) for succeeding offenses
– vehicle impoundment
– undergo seminar on pollution control management
Fraud in relation to the registration of the motor vehicle and/or its renewal– Php 3,000
– vehicle impoundment
– barred from registration for 1 year
All other violation in connection with motor vehicle registration renewal/operationPhp 2,000

When you were issued a ticket, it is best to settle it right away. You cannot drive without a driver’s license as it is against the rule. Here is a guide in paying for the LTO penalty.

Steps on How To Pay for the LTO Violation Fee 2023:

  • Step 1 — Check your violation ticket for the details about the violation including the specific violation code and the corresponding penalty that you have to pay.
  • Step 2 — Prepare the amount to be paid for the LTO fine and the documents needed. It is important to bring your violation ticket, the certificate of registration (CR) of the vehicle, the official receipt (OR), and your driver’s license. Bring photocopies of your documents when possible.
  • Step 3 — Go to an authorized payment center of the Land Transportation Office to settle your LTO fine. You can directly pay to the LTO office or to its accredited banks and payment partners nearest to you.
  • Step 4 — Keep the proof of payment of the LTO Violation Fee 2023. Present it to the LTO office to clear your record from the fine or to get your driver’s license if it was confiscated.

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