Rendon Labador “Kumapit Sa Bakla”? Here’s His Confession

This is the response of Rendon Labador when Ogie Diaz asked him this question.

RENDON LABADOR – The famous social media personality has this revelation when asked about “kumapit sa bakla”.

Content creator and self-proclaimed motivational speaker Rendon Labador is currently facing problems with his social media accounts on Facebook, Google, and TikTok.

In a previous article, Labador’s Facebook page was deleted and following the deletion of his FB account, he shared a screenshot of the notice he received from Instagram. Accordingly, his account “may be deleted”due to his previous posts that did not follow its community guidelines. 

And recently, he granted an interview with Ogie Diaz. In the interview, he admitted that it really was his fault that his online accounts got deleted. He expressed that there are just a lot of people who did not understand his online activities like calling out famous personalities and dipping fingers into controversial issues.

In the same interview, he was also asked by Diaz about the “kumapit sa bakla” accusations thrown at him. The host directly asked him this question which he also directly answered with honesty.

“Hindi, wala,” he responded then added that there was someone who dared to offer him when he was still doing a film.

This was the time when he played as the double of Zanjoe Marudo.

He said based on the interview:

“Naging double ako ni Zanjoe Marudo. Pangatlo may offer na ngang iba. Sabi ko nag-decline ako, dun ko na-realize na ganun pala sa industriya. Which is natutunan ko na real talk pala talaga.”

Diaz also gave his two cents to his situation on where he made a mistake. According to him, there’s nothing wrong with airing his concern and thoughts over certain topics but there’s something wrong in the way he delivered those. He sounded angry always which he refuted.

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