13-Year-Old Student Dies of Electrocution While Picking ‘Santol’

Tragic Electrocution of a 13-Year-Old Student While Picking Santol Fruits Elicits Reactions Online

A 13-year-old student from Balayan, Batangas was electrocuted while picking santol fruits, resulting in his untimely death.

Electrocution is a devastating and often fatal incident caused by contact with electricity. It is a topic that deserves attention as it highlights the importance of electrical safety and the potential dangers associated with the use of electricity.

Understanding the risks and taking preventive measures can significantly reduce the occurrence of electrocution incidents. It occurs when an individual comes into direct contact with an electric current, leading to severe injury or death.

13-Year-Old Student

The human body is a conductor of electricity, and when it encounters an electric source, the current flows through it, disrupting the body’s natural electrical signals and causing extensive damage.

Recently, an electrocution victim identified as alias “King” was declared dead on arrival at the hospital, devastating his family and the community.

According to the police, the incident occurred in Barangay Santol, where a tree with lush leaves obscured the live wire, making it difficult for the victim to notice the danger. Tragically, his body got entangled in the tree, and it was his own father who discovered the heartbreaking scene.

13-Year-Old Student

Authorities are now urging the public to exercise caution and inspect trees carefully before climbing them. Live wires can pose an invisible threat, especially when hidden by foliage or other objects.

It is important to prioritize safety and take preventive measures to avoid such tragic accidents. Conducting regular inspections of public spaces, such as parks, school grounds, and residential areas, can help identify potential hazards and take necessary measures to mitigate them.

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