John Estrada On Marital Problem: “Hindi pwedeng [sagutin]”

Following the marital issues, John Estrada avoids questions about it.

JOHN ESTRADA – “Batang Quiapo” actor John Estrada avoids questions about his publicized marital problem with his wife.

Priscilla Meirelles has many controversial posts online during the height of the marital problems with John Estrada. In a previous report, she admitted that their marriage is on the rocks but they are doing things that can fix it.

They are not the type who will suddenly leave just because a problem emerged.

She also confronted the alleged third party named Chiyo De la Vega, a Cebu-based social media influencer.

Previously, following the marital issue, the actor made a meaningful line in “Batang Quiapo” that caught attention online. The line was: “Nagsisisi ako sa maling nagawa ko. Natukso lang ako. Napilit. Ayokong saktan ang asawa ko. Hindi niya dapat malaman ang nangyari. At ipinapangako ko, hindi na ‘yun mauulit.”

It appears to be something that reflects his current situation.

And recently, during the grand mediacon of the series he’s in, he avoided questions about his marriage.

At the start of the presscon proper, he has already warned the press people, “walang magtatanong”. But there were some who can’t help it and still asked him about this matter in his personal life.

But he was firm as he said, “Hindi ko puwedeng iano [sagutin] yan kasi pribado kong buhay ito.”

He expressed that despite being a public figure, he believes that he is not obliged to answer people’s queries about his personal life.

“Pinag-usapan niyo rin ba ni Priscilla na next time na magkakaroon kayo ng problema, hindi na ilalagay sa social media?” stated another question shot at him but he firmly reiterated his decision to not answer anything about his marriage.

“Isa lang ang mantra ko sa buhay, kanya-kanyang trip yan. I don’t have to explain myself to everyone,” he added based on a report from PEP.


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