CHIYO DELA VEGA: Vlogger Linked to John Estrada is an Adult Content Creator?

Vlogger Chiyo Dela Vega Linked to John Estrada is Allegedly an Adult Content Creator

CHIYO DELA VEGA – The female vlogger who is allegedly linked to veteran actor John Estrada is allegedly an adult content creator.

The name Chiyo Dela Vega has recently gained popularity on social media because Priscilla Meirelles, John Estrada’s wife, shared intriguing posts about her. Priscilla recently drew the ire of many netizens with her article criticizing a lady for entertaining a married man.

Her enigmatic messages fueled speculation that her actor husband, John Estrada, was having an illicit affair. A Cebuana influencer was linked to the situation after her fascinating posts. Chiyo was confronted by the former beauty queen during a talk.

John’s wife accused the Cebuana influencer of having an affair with the actor. According to the screenshots, the Cebuana influencer was denying any link to John after meeting at an event in Cebu.

However, it appears like Priscilla is not quite done with her enigmatic Instagram messages. With the game charades, the celebrity looked to be hinting about Chiyo’s origins in her recent IG Story.

“First word: Gold is measured by the percentage of pure gold per other elements. The purest gold is 24k. The next purest gold is __k” the first question Priscilla wrote.

On the second one, “Second word: Fill up the blanks “Have a break, have ___Kat.”

“Put the 2 word together and google it. The search the “Magic Word”. PS: Don’t forget to VPN BAI,” she added.

Chiyo Dela Vega Content

Netizens responded to her charades game in a variety of ways. The closest match to her game was 18k and Kit. So, if you Google it like she suggests, you will find an adult website.

Various videos may be found if you search for the alleged “Magic Word,” which netizens believe is Chiyo Dela Vega’s name. The videos were seductive and appeared to have pornographic content. The app branding “Is My Girl” may also be seen at the bottom right.

Chiyo is a Cebu-based social media influencer. Her Instagram account has 371K followers, while her Facebook profile has 112K followers. Her social media accounts show that she works as a freelance model.

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