Priscilla Meirelles Sweet Message For John After Cheating Rumors

Priscilla Meirelles

Here’s the sweet birthday message of Priscilla Meirelles for her husband John Estrada. PRISCILLA MEIRELLES – John Estrada received a sweet birthday message from his wife, former beauty queen Priscilla Meirelles. Last April, in a previous article, former beauty queen Priscilla Meirelles confirmed that her marriage with actor John Estrada is facing a rough time. … Read more

John Estrada On Marital Problem: “Hindi pwedeng [sagutin]”

John Estrada

Following the marital issues, John Estrada avoids questions about it. JOHN ESTRADA – “Batang Quiapo” actor John Estrada avoids questions about his publicized marital problem with his wife. Priscilla Meirelles has many controversial posts online during the height of the marital problems with John Estrada. In a previous report, she admitted that their marriage is on the … Read more

Priscilla Meirelles Confirms Rough Time, Rough Patch w/ John Estrada

Priscilla Meirelles and John Estrada

After the posts that stirred speculation, Priscilla Meirelles explained the current situation with her husband. PRISCILLA MEIRELLES – Former beauty queen Priscilla Meirelles speaks about marriage with John Estrada and their current situation. Last Holy Week, Priscilla Meirelles and John Estrada went to Cebu with their daughter. This was the time Priscilla indicated to meet the alleged another … Read more

John Estrada Daughter Comments On Priscilla’s Intriguing Post

John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles

Inah De Belen, daughter of John Estrada has this reaction to one of the posts of Priscilla Meirelles. JOHN ESTRADA – The daughter of actor John Estrada, Inah De Belen, has this reaction to the posts of Priscilla Meirelles amid the marital problems. Priscilla Meirelles has posts that caught attention online and she is still doing this. … Read more

Priscilla Meirelles Shares Another Intriguing Post “Pasikatin natin siya”

Priscilla Meirelles caught the attention of many netizens again Celebrity Priscilla Meirelles shared another intriguing post after her viral post asking netizens to give a name to a “female that entertains a married man.” Priscilla caught the attention of many netizens just recently because of her post that garnered speculations that her husband actor John … Read more

John Estrada Wife Continues Sharing Posts About Cheating

John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles

Priscilla Meirelles, wife of John Estrada, continues tirades about cheaters. JOHN ESTRADA – Beauty queen Priscilla Meirelles goes cryptic and continues to be cryptic as she shared these intriguing posts. In a previous article, the wife of John Estrada, Priscilla Meirelles, shares a cryptic post online. She raised a question in her intriguing post. The … Read more

John Estrada Wife Intriguing Post About “Female That Entertains Married Man”

John Estrada

The wife of John Estrada made these intriguing posts. JOHN ESTRADA – Priscilla Meirelles, wife of actor John Estrada shares intriguing posts online and it caught the attention of many netizens. Couple John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles have been married for 12 years and they actually celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary this month. They have a … Read more