Priscilla Meirelles Confrims Her Posts Are About Marital Problem w/ John Estrada

Priscilla Meirelles stressed her recent posts are not cryptic

Former beauty queen Priscilla Meirelles confirmed that her recent posts are about the marital problem that she and her husband actor John Estrada are going through right now.

Priscilla shared a series of posts that intrigued a lot of netizens who were quick to comment that these were about her husband and his alleged “kabit.” However, the former beauty queen did not directly mention the supposed “other woman” of her husband.

One of her recent Instagram Stories was even a sort of quiz for netizens as she made them guess what she wanted to say.

priscilla meirelles john estrada
📷: @johnestrada_ IG

Through a message to the showbiz news site PEP, Priscilla Meirelles said that she was wondering why people kept on saying that her posts were cryptic. She said that those were direct to the point.

She confirmed that she and John are going through a problem right now. “I have been going through a rough time in my marriage for a while already for many reasons,” she said.

Priscilla also said that this is tough for her, just like others who are in the same situation. “I constantly pray for strength and wisdom and hope for better days ahead but the truth is napuno na ako,” the former beauty queen said.

She also said that everything has its boundary and so she was pushed to speak. Priscilla stressed that in the present society now, people allow bad behavior so often and this makes people numb already.

priscilla meirelles john estrada
📷: @primeirelles IG

Not talking about it does not fix the problem. Trust me I have tried,” she said adding that she should fight for what is rightfully hers and demand the respect she earned.

In her statement, Priscilla appeared to be hinting at someone who intends to destroy her family. “As a woman, I believe we women should always have each other’s back. I honestly don’t understand why some others only want to destroy and steal. We have the power, let’s use it for good,” she stressed.

Priscilla Meirelles, on the other hand, said that she will not share further details about what she is going through right now. She believes she does not need to explain anymore.

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