Innovative Teacher Conducts Exam on School Field to Address Heat & Cheating Concerns

Innovative Teacher Holds Exam of Senior High School Students on School Field to Resolve Heat & Cheating Concerns

An innovative teacher conducts the examination of his senior high school students on school field to address heat and cheating concerns.

A teacher from Lutucan Integrated National High School in Quezon Province, Philippines, has gained widespread attention on social media for his innovative approach to conducting exams for his Grade 12 Senior High School students.

In order to address the issue of high temperatures inside the classrooms and prevent potential cheating, teacher Jhong Barrientos Dagnusac decided to hold the exam on the school field.

Innovative Teacher

The students were taken outside the classroom to take the exam, as the temperature inside the classroom was uncomfortably hot. By conducting the exam outdoors, the students were able to avoid the discomfort caused by the heat and focus on their exams.

The viral photos of the teacher conducting the exam on the school field has garnered praise from netizens for his dedication and creativity in finding solutions to challenges faced by both students and educators.

Many netizens have commended him for his resourcefulness and commitment to ensuring a fair and conducive testing environment for his students.

Innovative Teacher

The viral post serves as an inspiration to educators and students alike, showcasing the resilience and creativity of Filipino teachers in providing quality education and finding innovative solutions to challenges in the education system.

Innovative Teacher

Here is the full post:

Lutucan Integrated National High School

Senior High School Department

Accountancy, Business and Management Grade 12-C

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Anu Ang sinabi ng mga ANTI-CHEATING PROPS kung ganito.




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While di pa mainit ay sa Field muna, and also for my student to have FRESH AIR and BIGGER SPACE while they are taking their examination.

Para maiba naman at for sure walang makakapag KOPYAHAN dine

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Innovative Teacher

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