House of Representatives Receives Proposal to Provide Daily Allowance for Students

House of Representatives

Proposal Forwarded to House of Representatives Aiming to Provide Daily Allowance for Every Student The House of Representatives received a proposal to provide daily allowances for every student to increase their chances of completing their education. Financial challenges are a common issue faced by many students pursuing education. These challenges can stem from various factors … Read more

Teacher Files Early Retirement Due to Behavior of Students


A female teacher filed an early retirement due to the behavior of her students, leading her to lose hope for their future. A Grade 2 teacher exerts effort to create an interactive learning environment inside the classroom but her students were indifferent. The educator observed a growing disrespect among the children.

Unhappy Students Leave Bad Reviews After Coffee Shop Asks Them to Leave

Unhappy Students

Coffee Shop Asks Non-Paying Customers to Leave, Unsatisfied Students Leave Bad Reviews Unhappy students leave bad reviews after a coffee shop in Bacolod City politely asks them to leave for overstaying. Recently, a group of students found themselves in hot water after being asked to leave a local coffee shop. The students decided to express … Read more

Teacher Uses Mozart’s Aria to Energize Students During Attendance Check


Teacher Requires Students to Sing Mozart’s Aria During Attendance Check An innovative teacher goes viral after requiring his students to sing Mozart’s Queen of the Night aria during attendance check. A creative teacher named Sir Pat found a delightful way to wake up his students during attendance checks. Instead of the usual “Present!” response, students … Read more

Public Schools Prohibited to Collect Funds From Students, DepEd Says

Public School

NO COLLECTION POLICY – The Education Department reminded the public schools about the ‘no collection’ policy. DepEd spokesman Michael Wesley Poa said that public schools are now allowed to solicit funds for school supplies and appliances directly from students. He also encourages students and parents to report any instances of non-compliance.

DepEd: Public Schools Banned From Soliciting Funds From Students


DepEd Reminds Public Schools That Soliciting Funds for School Supplies From Students is Prohibited DepEd said that public schools are banned from soliciting funds from students in strict compliance with the ‘no collection’ policy. On Friday (November 10, 2023), the Department of Education (DepEd) reminded public schools about the strict adherence to the ‘no collection’ … Read more

Teacher Provides Free Pencils & Encouraging Candies for Students During Exams


Teacher Earns Praise Online for Providing Free Pencils and Candies to Students on Exam Day A generous teacher earns praise online after providing free pencils and candies with words of encouragement for students during exams. Teachers are often hailed as the bearers of knowledge and wisdom, guiding young minds toward a brighter future. However, some … Read more