Senior High School Student Passes College Admission Test in Harvard University

Senior High School Student Shares Achievement After Passing College Admission Test in Harvard University

HARVARD UNIVERSITY – A senior high school student goes viral after passing the college admission test in Harvard University.

Cedric Cortez, a senior high school student, recently shared a heartwarming story on social media that has quickly gone viral. Cedric revealed that he was accepted into Harvard University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, a feat he never expected to achieve.

In his post, Cedric expressed his disbelief and gratitude at being admitted into Harvard. He shared that the moment he received the acceptance letter was one of pure joy and astonishment.

Senior High School Student

As a student, he had always dreamt of attending a renowned university like Harvard, but he never imagined it would become a reality.

“I really didn’t expect I’d get admitted to Harvard (nor NYU, I practically hoped to get waitlisted). I wasn’t confident about my stats, CollegeVine even told me I was average among the Harvard application pool,” Cortez said.

Alongside his acceptance news, Cedric also shared a glimpse of the essay he submitted as part of his college application to Harvard. He credited his essay as one of the factors that contributed to his successful admission.

Senior High School Student

In his essay, Cedric poured his heart out, sharing his personal experiences, aspirations, and reflections on life. He expressed his passion for learning, his commitment to making a positive impact on society, and his eagerness to embrace the opportunities that Harvard could offer.

“I have a lot of thinking to do for the next few months! Whatever happens, know I believe in my heart that it was the best decision I could possibly make. And if you’ll take one piece of advice from me, it’s that you should stay weird and never ever let people turn you into something you’re not. You are you,” Cortez added.

His story serves as a reminder that dreams can come true with dedication, passion, and resilience.

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Senior High School Student

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