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News5 Confirms Julian Martir Admission to Universities in US, UK

News5 Shows Proof That Julian Martir was Accepted in Universities in the US and UK TV 5 network’s “News5” confirmed that student Julian Martir has been accepted in several universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Julian Martir, the youngster who recently became viral due to the 30 scholarships he received in the … Read more

Loving Teacher Secretly Hides Food Items Inside Student’s Bag

Loving Teacher

Loving Teacher Earns Praises for Hiding Food Items Inside Student’s Bag A loving teacher goes viral and receives praise from netizens after secretly hiding food items inside his student’s backpack. Social media has the power to connect people from all walks of life and spread messages that can inspire and uplift others. Recently, a simple … Read more

Hardworking Student Selling While Taking Final Exam Goes Viral

Hardworking Student Earned Praise for Selling Inside Room While Taking Final Exam A hardworking student earned praise from the online community after a video of him selling while taking the final exam goes viral. Because of his money-making method, a TikTok user received a wonderful response from the public. Dondy1.r (@dondy.r) tweeted a video of … Read more

Senior High School Student Passes College Admission Test in Harvard University

Senior High School Student

Senior High School Student Shares Achievement After Passing College Admission Test in Harvard University HARVARD UNIVERSITY – A senior high school student goes viral after passing the college admission test in Harvard University. Cedric Cortez, a senior high school student, recently shared a heartwarming story on social media that has quickly gone viral. Cedric revealed … Read more

DepEd-Davao Investigates Kindergarten Teacher Who Tears Up Pupil’s Activity Paper


DepEd-Davao Probes Kindergarten Teacher For Tearing Pupil’s Activity Paper DepEd-Davao is investigating the Kindergarten teacher who allegedly tore up a pupil’s activity paper. The Department of Education-Davao Region (DepEd-Davao) is now investigating a Kindergarten teacher who allegedly tore up a student’s activity paper out of rage over the kid’s behavior. The investigation is being carried … Read more

Overspeeding Motorcycle Rider in School Zone Crashed Into Student

Overspeeding Motorcycle Rider

Overspeeding Motorcycle Rider Criticized After Hitting Student in School Zone After crashing into a student, an overspeeding motorcycle rider in a school zone outraged the internet community. A motorcycle rider, who was speeding in a school zone, collided with a student, causing outrage among netizens. The incident was captured in a viral video posted by … Read more

Rowena Guanzon to Help “Kakampink” Students Forced to ROTC

Rowena Guanzon Offers Help to “Kakampink” Students Being Forced to Do ROTC Former Commission on Election (Comelec) commissioner Rowena Guanzon offers help to “Kakampink” students when forced to do Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program. The term “Kakampink” was coined by fans of former Vice President and presidential candidate Leni Robredo. “Kakampink” is claimed to … Read more