Virtual Electric Fan Displayed on Monitor Inside Classroom Delights Netizens

Virtual Electric Fan

Virtual Electric Fan Inside Classroom Goes Viral Online The virtual electric fan being displayed on a monitor inside a classroom goes viral online and delighted the netizens. The Philippines is currently struggling with scorching weather, with temperatures soaring to uncomfortable levels across various regions. The intense heat has become a concern for both the public … Read more

Teacher Caught on Camera Abusing & Cursing at Student


Video of Furious Teacher Abusing and Cursing at Student Elicits Reactions From Netizens CHILD ABUSE – A furious lady teacher was caught on video physically and verbally abusing a student inside the classroom. Recently, the X/Twitter account KwentongPajama shared a video of a teacher who was abusing and cursing her student. The post quickly circulated … Read more

Teacher Moved to Tears by Student’s Appreciation Message


Student’s Appreciation Message Brings Male Teacher to Tears HEARTWARMING MOMENT – A male teacher was moved to tears after reading the appreciation message from his student. Recently, Jehu Laniog, a Facebook user, shared his experience that brought him to tears not due to disobedience or disrespect from a student, but as a result of an … Read more

Student Brings Own Fan to School to Beat Intense Heat


Clever Student Brings Clip Fan to School to Beat Intense Heat Amid Class A male student has gone viral and spread good vibes online after bringing his own fan to school to combat the intense summer heat. The Philippines experiences intense heat during the summer months, typically from March to May. This period is characterized … Read more

Teacher Criticized for Allegedly Forcing Student to Eat Classmate’s Chewing Gum


Iloilo Teacher Earns Negative Feedback Online After Forcing Student to Eat Classmate’s Discarded Chewing Gum A teacher in Santa Barbara, Iloilo faces criticism for allegedly forcing a student to eat his classmate’s discarded chewing gum. A student identified as alias “Toto shared that he and his classmate were giggling while chewing gum at the back … Read more

7-Year-Old Girl Writes Farewell Letter to Student Teacher: “Happy last day of your life”

7-Year-Old Girl

7-Year-Old Girl Goes Viral Over Hilarious Farewell Letter to Student Teacher A 7-year-old girl goes viral for writing a farewell letter to her student teacher, saying, “Happy last day of your life”. Chino Sidora, a Facebook user, shared a photo of his daughter’s handwritten letter to express her farewell to the teacher who had completed … Read more