Harvard Law Graduate Gives Free Legal Assistance To Poor Filipinos

Juan Fidel Felipe Nograles, A Harvard Law Graduate Gives Free Legal Assistance To Less-Fortunate Filipinos

The Harvard law graduate Juan Fidel Felipe Nograles was giving free legal assistance to the less-fortunate Filipino people.

Lawyer Juan Fidel Felipe Nograles, the nephew of former speaker Prospero Nograles choose to use his knowledge to help the poor with their legal problems.

The 32-year-old lawyer decided to help the less-privileged in his home province of Rizal after graduating from the Harvard Law School in 2016.

Harvard Law Graduate

Nograles prefers to spend time in the towns of Rodriguez and San Mateo to help the residents with their legal problems rather than joining board room meetings with other lawyers.

The kind man has been appointed as court attorney at the office of former Supreme Court associate justice Martin Villarama Jr. for over a year before going to Harvard.

He also earned a Juris Doctor degree at the Ateneo de Manila University and went to Harvard for further knowledge.

The good-hearted lawyer saw for himself the difficulty of his poor countrymen after he became as Rizal assistant provincial administrator.

The lawyer is now spending time helping less-fortunate Filipinos to address issues including domestic violence against women and children, land grabbing and family to avoid suffering injustice.

“I have seen how meager their resources are and honestly, I can’t turn a blind eye anymore. The more time I spend with them each day, the more I appreciate how lucky I am to be in a position to help,” Nograles said.

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