Grilled Balut Vendor Stops Business Due to Its Effects on Traditional Balut Vendors

Grilled Balut Vendor Shuts Business to Give Way to Traditional Balut Vendors

GRILLED BALUT CRAZE – A grilled balut vendor shuts her business down due to its impact on traditional balut vendors.

Recently, grilled balut has become a popular street food trend in the Philippines. Seeing the opportunity to capitalize on this trend, some business owners, including Zereen Atienza, began selling grilled balut.

Atienza’s business was a success, and she quickly gained a loyal following of customers. However, despite the success of her venture, Atienza made the decision to shut down her grilled balut business.

Grilled Balut Vendor

The reason behind her decision was the negative impact that the grilled balut craze had on traditional balut vendors. Due to the popularity of grilled balut, many people now prefer to eat the fertilized egg dish grilled rather than steamed in the traditional manner.

This change in preference has led to a significant decrease in demand for classic balut, causing vendors to struggle.

Atienza saw the impact of the trend on balut vendors, and she felt that it was unfair for them to suffer as a result of the trend. Therefore, she decided to stop selling grilled balut and instead focus on selling their sweet chili jam to their customers.

Grilled Balut Vendor

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Grilled Balut is now Signing Off!!

Yung nag open ka ng business at sumabay sa uso, pero malambot ang puso mo.

This past few days super natutuwa talaga kami kase napakaganda ng feed back na natatanggap namin dahil masarap daw yung grilled balut namin. Nandun pa din yung sabaw, at super nagustohan niyo yung Sweet Chili Jam. Super dumog ng tao kanina hanggang sa napilitan na kami mag close kahit di pa ubos kase hindi na namin kinaya, pero habang nag lilinis kami ng gamit nakita namin yung mga mag babalut na naka motor na nag uuwian na ng maaga kase wala halos bumibili sa kanila na dati-dati ay hinahabol namin. Kitang kita yung lungkot.

So ayun po, thank you po sa experience, thank you sa suporta! Focus na din po sa work, pero sa mga taong nagustohan ang Sweet Chili Jam! don’t worry, soon mag bebenta po kami. Pwede niyo ihalo sa binili niyong balut kay manong.


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