Alex Gonzaga Makes Revelation About Mikee Morada’s First Girlfriend

Alex Gonzaga opened up about her past relationship

Actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga made revelations about the first girlfriend of her husband Lipa City councilor Mikee Morada.

Alex is fond of sharing funny stories about her family and people who are very close to her. In her vlogs, she would sometime feature her loved ones including her husband. The recent vlog she did with Mikee was their “Simbang Gabi” experience.

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In her recent podcast, Alex guested her best friend Jean and Mikee was mentioned in the said episode. They shared the story of how their friendship started and the times when they were “OAs” or overacting due to breakups.

One time, Alex called Jean and told her best friend that they were on the verge of breaking up. Jean said, “sandali, naghihiwalay din kami” because, at that time, she and her boyfriend were breaking up also.

Alex Gonzaga shared that in a past relationship, she and her ex-boyfriend would always fight. It was an on-and-off relationship for four years. She said that it was always Jean who would tell the guy if their fight was already over.

Alex Gonzaga's Husband Mikee Morada
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When Alex came back from New York, she and her ex-boyfriend met and the latter said that he was already dating someone. The actress-vlogger said that it was indeed a small world.

Yung reason bakit kami totally nag-break ng first boyfriend ko, yung kaniyang bagong dini-date is the first girlfriend of Mikee,” Alex revealed. Jean said while laughing, “oo, sobrang small world, nag-ikutan sila.”

They also shared that when they were both heartbroken, they loved to listen to the song Ako’y Sa’yo, Ika’y Akin. There were times that they spent time together in the car and listen to the song while crying with blankets covering their bodies.

Jean recalled that they also wrote letters containing what they wanted to say to their ex-boyfriends.

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