Alex Gonzaga Shares House Construction Update

Alex Gonzaga

Here’s why the house construction of Alex Gonzaga has been taking so long. ALEX GONZAGA – The actress-vlogger shares a house update and the reason why it’s still not finished four years after. Constructing your dream house does not only require lots of money but also a lot of time, patience, and consistency. Over four … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Is “Prepping Her Body” For Pregnancy

Alex Gonzaga

In an update, Alex Gonzaga shares that she is preparing to get pregnant this year. Actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga shares in an update that she is manifesting to get pregnant this year after suffering from two miscarriages. In 2021, married couple Alex Gonzaga and Mikee Morada suffered from their first biggest heartbreak – a miscarriage. They … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Joke Makes Mikee Morada “Walk Out”

Alex Gonzaga

This song by Alex Gonzaga made her husband turn his back on her. Actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga is full of humor and in her latest video, her husband Mikee Morada has this reaction. It has been several times that actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga has been put on the bad light because of her bad and sometimes inappropriate … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Says Her “Retoke” Is Two Years In The Making

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Alex Gonzaga talked about her cosmetic enhancement Actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga shared that her “retoke” was two years in the making and this was the reason for the delay. Alex proudly flexed her new nose last December 2023. She was among the few celebrities in the Philippines who openly talked about the cosmetic enhancements they had. … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Miscarriage: Mikee Morada’s Tearjerker Reaction

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Alex Gonzaga Miscarriage saddened her fans Alex Gonzaga Miscarriage – The celebrity vlogger revealed the tearjerker reaction of her husband Mikee Morada about her second miscarriage. Alex and Mikee tied the knot in 2021. Months after they tied the knot, it was reported that the actress-host was pregnant. However, in October 2021, Alex had a … Read more