Zeinab Harake Says Robi Has “No Market”, Host Proves Her Wrong

Robi Domingo shares this post after Zeinab Harake expressed that he has no market.

ZEINAB HARAKE – Famous vlogger Zeinab Harake says Kapamilya host Robi Domingo has no market and this is his clap back.

The internet is currently in a mess because of the issues put on top after another coming from famous vloggers. In a video, talent manager Wilbert Tolentino revealed the nasty things Zeinab Harake said about several people who are famous on the internet and television.

In the screenshots that were released, Tolentino showed the messages from Zeinab wherein the context told nasty things about these famous people, and one of them included Jelai Andres, a close friend of hers.

And among the people she talked nasty about to Tolentino was Kapamilya host Robi Domingo. In the screenshot of the message, Zeinab said that the male host has “no market”.

“wag yung robi domingo ha… walang market dun maloka ka dun shhh lang,” says alleged message from Zeinab. She was probably referring to his name’s marketability on YouTube. Being a vlogger and being a celebrity are two different worlds.

But if you are Vice Ganda or Ivana Alawi, you can absolutely pull it off in both worlds.

But many people believed otherwise. Robi may not be as famous as them on YouTube but one thing undeniable about him is that he is among the well-established personalities in the country as a host. His services as a host are also in-demand. His fame as a host is enough for a casual viewer to recognize him.

On Twitter, Domingo posted something. He lightly dealt with the issue and humorously shared a photo of “Robi Domingo Market” which jokingly proved that he has “market” following Zeinab’s statement.

The post said: “Akala mo lang wala, pero MERON, MERON, MERON!”


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