Herlene Budol Will Release Single Called “Kain Tayo”?

Herlene Budol

In a new post, Herlene Budol is taking voice lessons and shared something about her new single. Actress-beauty queen Herlene Budol shares that she is taking voice lessons and is preparing for the release of her “Kain Tayo” single. Previously, the alleged conversations between Herlene Budol and Rob Gomez emerged online. It has ignited speculations … Read more

Herlene Budol Receives Lots Of Indecent Proposals, Wilbert Tolentino Reveals

Herlene Budol

In an interview, Wilbert Tolentino speaks about Herlene Budol and the indecent proposals to her. As a former manager of Herlene Budol, social media personality Wilbert Tolentino reveals the indecent proposals for the actress. Last July of this year, businessman and influencer Wilbert Tolentino resigned as manager of Herlene Budol, also known as Hipon Girl. … Read more

Wilbert Tolentino Resigns As Manager Of Herlene Budol

wilbert tolentino herlene budol

Wilbert Tolentino made an important announcement Businessman Wilbert Tolentino announced that he is resigning as the talent manager of Kapuso actress Herlene Budol. When Herlene formally started her career in the entertainment industry, It was Wilbert who handled her. Aside from showbiz, they also ventured into the pageant world. Together, they also faced controversies thrown … Read more

Wilbert Tolentino on Herlene Budol’s Bashers: “Wag patatawanan ang nangangarap”

Wilbert Tolentino Defends Herlene Budol from Her Bashers Talent manager Wilbert Tolentino defended his talent Herlene “Hipon” Budol from the criticisms of her bashers. During an ambush interview with the press following the Miss Grand Philippines 2023 competition, Wilbert Tolentino addressed the critics of Herlene Budol, who was recently elected Miss Philippines Tourism 2023. Wilbert … Read more

Valentine Rosales Apologized to Wilbert Tolentino Over Negative Remarks

Valentine Rosales Issues Apology to Wilbert Tolentino Over Negative Comments Social media personality Valentine Rosales apologized to talent manager Wilbert Tolentino for giving negative comments to him. Following Wilbert Tolentino’s cryptic post, the online personality shares a video and a snapshot of his comment on Facebook. However, Valentine claimed that he had a phone talk … Read more

Herlene Budol Makes Revelations About Her First Boyfriend

herlene budol

Herlene Budol talked about her first boyfriend in a recent interview Kapuso star Herlene Budol made revelations about her first boyfriend who was the one who broke up with her. Herlene is not ashamed of her past before she made it big in the entertainment industry. In past interviews, she would share how simple her … Read more

Wilbert Tolentino Accused Herlene Budol of Being “Engrata”?

Wilbert Tolentino Shares Cryptic Post About a Person He Called “Engrata” Talent manager Wilbert Tolentino shared a cryptic post about a person he called “engrata” and accused it of being ungrateful. Many people were perplexed by a cryptic post by social media celebrity and talent manager Wilbert Tolentino. He expressed his frustration with ungrateful people … Read more

Herlene Budol Vows To Do Better and Train With Her Speech Coach

Herlene Budol

This is what Herlene Budol said amid her viral Miss Grand Philippines 2023 interview. HERLENE BUDOL – Amid the criticism of her Miss Grand Philippines 2023 interview, Herlene Budol vowed to do this. In a previous article, beauty queen Herlene Budol apologized to the people over her “dog show” performance during the Sashing Ceremony and Press … Read more