Preacher Scolds Male Passenger Inside Jeepney for Asking Inappropriate Question

Video of Preacher Scolding Male Passenger Inside Jeepney for Asking Inappropriate Question Goes Viral

A preacher has been caught on camera scolding a male passenger inside a public jeepney for asking an inappropriate question.

Over the past few decades, numerous preachers are entering public utility vehicles such as trains, buses, and jeepneys to preach the word of God. Most of them aim to spread the good news and bring salvation to those who were lost.

A Facebook user named Kenn Lloyd Montibon has shared the video footage of a preacher scolding a male passenger inside a public jeepney. The video spread like a wildfire online and elicits comments from the netizens.


In the video, it can be seen that a preacher and a male passenger were having a confrontation inside a public jeepney regarding the Bible. After a few moments, the passenger asked an inappropriate question.

The commuter asked the preacher if Christ had ever ‘pooped’ while he lives on earth. Unfortunately, the preacher lost his temper as he fail to answer the question. He expressed his fury and scolded the passenger.

The two have an exchange of heated arguments due to the question. The preacher even lost his cool due to the question. The jeepney driver intervened and tried to stop them from causing disturbance towards other passengers.

Here is the full post:

Ya Feeling bala naga pakalinong ikaw sa binit

Nag girinual ya mga upod ko nga pasahero sa jeep


(Yung feeling na nananahimik ka sa gilid pero ang iingay ng mga kasama mong pasahero sa jeep)

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