Self-Proclaimed Prophet in Malawi Allegedly Sells Soap That Can Wash Away Sins

Self-Proclaimed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of Malawi Allegedly Sells Soap That Can Wash Away Sins

A self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri in Malawi is allegedly selling soap that can wash away the sins of those who will use it.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri claims to be the ‘messenger of god’ in the Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) church in Malawi. He is now designing a soap to help sinners get rid of their sins.

Bushiri named the soap “Lion of Judah” to attract more customers and believers. People can allegedly scrub and wash their bodies using the soap to wash away their lifetime mistakes on a daily basis.

Self-Proclaimed Prophet

The Bushiri soap comes in two fragrances including peach orchard and lavender. The magical soap allegedly costs $50 per bar and it is now being promoted on social media to attract more customers.

Unfortunately, social media users criticized the Church leader regarding the issue. However, Bushiri responded to the criticisms and explained he has no connections to the Lion of Judah soap.

Self-Proclaimed Prophet

This is not the first time that Bushiri has been involved in a controversy. Recently, former deputy minister of Zimbabwe Terence Mukupe, accused the preacher of impregnating his wife but Bushiri denied the claims.

Self-Proclaimed Prophet

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