Adverb Examples: List of Samples of Adverbs Used in Sentences

ADVERB EXAMPLES – Below are the definition of adverbs, its samples, and the sentences that bear adverbs.

Undeniably, many people confuse adverbs with adjectives in sentences. These two (2) are among the eight parts of speech and may both be action words. Meanwhile, a deeper understanding of how adverbs function will surely help.

ADVERB: Meaning of Adverb & Examples | Parts of Speech

PARTS OF SPEECH: Guide on the Meaning of Adverb & Its Examples

ADVERB – Here is a guide on the meaning and examples of adverb as one of the parts of speech in English.

One of the most popular lessons in English is the parts of speech. It is a vital lesson as its learning extends to all the other lessons in the said subject. There are eight parts of speech and each has specific functions.

The eight parts of speech include the noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, preposition, conjunction, and interjection. Aside from the seven(7) parts of speech, another one is the adverb.

In this article, we will talk about its meaning and some examples using the said part of speech.


Based on an article on Ginger, an adverb is a “word that is used to change, modify or qualify several types of words”. It may change, modify, or indicate the number of an adjective, a clause, a verb, or another adverb in the sentence.

With regards to identifying this part of speech in English, undeniably, it is among the easiest to determine with the way it ends. Usually, adverbs end in “-ly”.


  • slowly
  • carefully
  • abruptly
  • frequently
  • terribly
  • excitedly
  • luxuriously
  • calmly
  • repeatedly
  • quickly

Meanwhile, aside from those ending in ‘-ly’, other examples of adverbs may include always and seldom which indicate the frequency of the action. Based on the article, some may also be in the form of number giving the quantity of the subject.

Here are some sample sentences:

  1. The driver changed the tires quickly.
  2. Nadia seems to frown always since her baby brother passed away.
  3. The doctor calmly approached the patient regarding her health condition.
  4. The group abruptly rescued their friend.
  5. Mr. Suarez saw Nathan entering the door slowly like he’s hiding from someone.
  6. Jack frequently visits the grave of his father.
  7. Dianna excitedly ran towards Mr. Galzo to hug him.
  8. There are three oranges on top of the table.
  9. The hospital was quickly caught by fire.
  10. All of the five geese escaped.

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