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PARTS OF SPEECH: Guide on the Definition of Verb & Its Examples

VERB – Here is the definition of verb which is one of the parts of speech in English and some examples.

Among the lessons in English during the elementary and the secondary years is the parts of speech. It is a basic lesson in the subject which is necessary for the understanding of the other areas of the subject.

There are eight(8) parts of speech in English. They are the noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection.

In this article, we will discuss about the verb which is also one of the most common parts of speech in English.


What is the meaning of “Verb”?

It is a part of speech that conveys an action in a sentence. It is also called “Action Word” in some discussions.


  • eat
  • call
  • jump
  • teach
  • throw
  • fly
  • speak
  • encircle
  • trap
  • drink
  • type
  • pack

Sample Sentences:

  1. Mr. Sebastian wanted to eat all the apples inside the box.
  2. The doctor called early in the morning for the release of the patient.
  3. The dog jumped right away upon seeing his master entering the door.
  4. Is he going to teach him how to play piano?
  5. Nadia accidentally threw the money into the bin.
  6. The bird flew high.
  7. Is Neil going to speak to his mother too?
  8. The instruction was to encircle the correct answer.
  9. The mouse was trapped using the cheese.
  10. Drink some water to replenish.
  11. Charisse typed the letter.
  12. Mr. Domingo packed all the fruits for his wife and kids.
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