Iya Villania Make the First Move to Her Husband Drew Arellano

Unconditional Love of Iya Villania to Drew Arellano

Iya Villania doesn’t hesitate to pursue her dreams and the thing that she wants including her husband Drew Arellano.

The “Life with the Arellanos” podcast, which debuted on Monday, had an introduction by Iya and her husband Drew Arellano that looked back on their romance and love.

Based on the report of GMA News, when they both appeared in the teen drama “Click” on GMA, Drew and Iya first got to know one another in 2003.

Iya claimed that she loved Drew back then because, in contrast to the other cast members, he wasn’t flirty, which the Kapuso host assumed was because of Drew’s age difference from them.

Iya mentioned that Drew stood out from all the other boys she was dating because “you’re mature and you’re passed the landian stage.”

But because Drew said that he doesn’t merge his professional and personal lives, he refrained from approaching Iya while they were filming a show. The report mentioned that in actuality, according to Drew, he was only meant to serve as a “bridge” between Iya and Sid Lucero, who the couple affectionately refers to as “Timmy.”

Iya stated in the podcast, “The closer he [Sid] got [to me], the more afraid I was also getting because I had to face my truth, which was that I honestly like you [Drew].”

Iya and Drew eventually acknowledged that, despite Drew treating Iya like a “little sister,” they already knew they liked each other. Drew and Iya grew closer after working on several more commercials and projects together. So much so that Iya initiated their first kiss with Drew.

Iya Villania
Photo Credits: Jason Magbanua

Iya turned her face towards Drew and laughingly said “I thought I could kiss you because I thought you’d kiss me back. But he got turned off because he was like, ‘this girl was aggressive.”

Then, in 2004, Iya made the decision to quit hedging her bets and asked Drew for their exact score during a car ride. In 2014, ten years after that tragic yet humorous occasion, Iya and Drew got married. Primo, Leon, Alana, and Astro, who was born in June, make up their family of four.

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