Pokwang Still Love Ex-husband Lee O’Brian: “Siyempre mahal pa rin kita”

Pokwang Admits She Still Love Her Ex-husband Lee O’Brian Despite Her Criticisms Comedian and TV host Pokwang admitted she still love her ex-husband foreign national Lee O’Brian despite her criticisms. Marietta Subong, popularly known as Pokwang, revealed her true sentiments for her former partner Lee O’Brian in an interview with Luis Manzano. Pokwang became tearful … Read more

Rendon Labador to Mimiyuuuh: “Kung pangit ka ikaw talaga taga bayad”

Rendon Labador

Rendon Labador Reacts to Mimiyuuuh’s Recent Remarks About Not Dating Someone Without Money The motivational speaker Rendon Labador reacts to Mimiyuuuh’s recent remarks not date a person without money. In the realm of social media, opinions and statements often have the power to spark discussions and debates. Recently, social media star Mimiyuuuh shared some advice … Read more

Boy Tapang Offers ‘Diamond Ring’ for Woman Who Will Truly Love Him

Boy Tapang

YouTube Vlogger Boy Tapang Showcases ‘Diamond Ring’ for Woman Who Will Love Him Unconditionally The social media influencer Boy Tapang elicits reactions online after offering a ‘diamond ring’ for the woman who will truly love him. In a bold and unconventional move, content creator Ronnie Suan, popularly known as ‘Boy Tapang,’ recently showcased a diamond … Read more

Iya Villania Make the First Move to Her Husband Drew Arellano

Iya Villania

Unconditional Love of Iya Villania to Drew Arellano Iya Villania doesn’t hesitate to pursue her dreams and the thing that she wants including her husband Drew Arellano. The “Life with the Arellanos” podcast, which debuted on Monday, had an introduction by Iya and her husband Drew Arellano that looked back on their romance and love. … Read more

After Calling LGBTQ “Masahol sa Hayop,” Pacquiao Said He Loves Them

Pacquiao Says He Loves LGBTQ After Chastised Online Over Insulting Remarks Presidential candidate Senator Manny Pacquiao said he loves the LGBTQ community after previously chastised online over insulting remarks against them. Pacquiao stated in an interview with One News that he ‘loves’ members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The presidential candidate also stated that he had … Read more

Grandpa Customer Waiting for His Wife During Valentine’s Day Goes Viral

Grandpa Customer

Heartwarming Photos of Grandpa Customer Waiting for His Wife During Valentine’s Day Elicit Comments Online The heartwarming photos of a grandpa customer while waiting for his wife at a restaurant during Valentine’s Day gone viral. A Facebook user named Rafael Manarin has shared the inspiring photos of a grandpa customer while waiting for his wife … Read more