Ruffa Gutierrez Slammed By KaladKaren? Here are Their Statements

Currently trending online are the statements of Hurados Ruffa Gutierrez and impersonator KaladKaren.

RUFFA GUTIERREZ – This is the reason why Miss Q and A Hurados Ruffa Gutierrez and impersonator KaladKaren are trending online.

Truly, we cannot make someone believe in the same principles that we believe in. Although there’s diversity in matters like this, it’s important to always implore and give respect. Respect given is respect earned.

But just recently, leaving many people online baffled are the intriguing statements Miss Q and A Hurados Ruffa Gutierrez and impersonator KaladKaren made one after the other.

Ruffa Gutierrez and KaladKaren

During the question and answer portion of the competition, Ruffa expressed that she believes in “unity”. She believes in what unity can do for people and the good things people can benefit from being united. She incorporated her stand to the recent issues celebrities like her are suffering from like bashing.

However, not directly expressing her objection, KaladKaren said that the idea that can be derived from ants may also be connected to the “bulok an sistema” of a country. She believes that people are like ants, industrious and hardworking, but no matter how much hard work they do, they can’t still elevate their status in life because of the rotten system and other factors that cause oppression.

Watch the clip circulating online below:

These statements caused a loud buzz online because many people anchored the different stands of the judges to the opposing “red and pink” teams during the last election. They could not help but create assumptions and give definitions to these statements politically. Also, during the election, these two judges supported different candidates.

Many netizens reacted to how KaladKaren debunked the statement of Ruffa on live television.


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