Ruffa Gutierrez On Why The Reunion Happened 15 Years After

This is why the daughters of Ruffa Gutierrez were able to see their father a decade and a half after.

RUFFA GUTIERREZ – Host and actress Ruffa Gutierrez speaks about the reunion of her two daughters with their father.

Last June, two daughters of Ruffa Gutierrez, Lorin and Venice, got reunited with their father Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas. The reunion 15 years after and it was three years in the making because Ruffa could not make up an absolute date with her husband when it comes to this matter. Their talks would accordingly just always end up in an argument or fight over the phone.

In a previous article, Ruffa shared that she has forgiven her former husband for what he’s done to her a long time ago already. It has been years and she sure won’t allow her daughters to go on their own to Istanbul if she still has fear or hasn’t forgiven him yet.

But she has and that’s why the reunion happened. She is genuinely happy with the reunion. She wants to give her daughters the chance to grow up with a father, this is something she would want her daughters to have.

And now, speaking about why such a reunion took about a decade and a half to happen, she opened up about the reason behind this. She first clarified that she did not prohibit her daughters to communicate with their father but the reunion took so long because of her fear. She was also looking after the safety of her girls.

Before one of her conditions for Bektas to see their daughters is for the meeting to happen anywhere but Turkey. He can go to the Philippines if he wants to or they can meet somewhere neutral like Europe.

“I was scared because of what happened sa paghihwalay namin and hindi mo ako mabe-blame kasi siyempre gusto ko naman na maging safe ako, maging safe ‘yung mga bata,” she explained.

The reunion was heartwarming and she’s happy that it happened naturally.

Listen to her story below:


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